Gran Fondo Kazakhstan attracts riders from around the world

Organizers of Gran Fondo Kazakhstan have stated that this year will be most popular for cycling in the Almaty region

The Gran Fondo is  part of the Gran Fondo World Tour series again this year.

Taking place on June 9th, it takes place on the wishes of participants who, in previous years, asked to move the race from May to June.

Again based on the wishes of the organizers. Only one race is held in world practice. However, the criterium this year will still take place. It will be held on June 8, but will not enter the standings of the Gran Fondo World Tour of Zhetysu 2019.

The ride used to use the old almaty track back and forth. This time the race will be a roundabout , start on the old one and leave for the new track.

One lap of 52 km, for Beginners and two laps of 104 km for more advanced riders.

VIDEO: Gran Fondo Kazakhstan Tour of Zhetysu Promo

Registration is now Open

Registration has been open for a month, so far, several hundred participants from four countries have registered.

However, as move into the month of May, organizers expect athletes will take part from no less than from nine countries from around the world

To learn more about the 2019 Gran Fondo Tour of Zhetysu, please visit:

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