20 new Gran Fondo World Champions Officially Crowned in Poland

The 2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Poznan didn't have a team relay on the schedule so riders had one more day of recovery after the time trial on Thursday to prepare for the Gran Fondo on Sunday

20 new Gran Fondo World Champions Officially Crowned in Poland

The 151km course served as official course for all men up to the age of 59 and women up to 49 while the shorter 107km course was the World Championships distance for men over 60 and women over 50. All age groups started in 10 different startgroups with intervals of 7 minutes for a fast and flat race in hot temperatures.

The fastest age group were the younger males with Maxim Pirard (BEL) winning in an average speed of 44.5km/h, beating 7 other men in a break that started early in the race.

The fastest female age group was the combined 19-39 start with Polish Ewa Bankowska renewing her time trial world title in an average speed of 36.25km/h, beating more than 40 riders in a peloton sprint.

In the 107km, the fastest male was Russian Vladimir Kuznetsov, also renewing his time trial title in the M60-64 with a solo break while Janni Bormann (DEN) won the female race over the same distance with again a solo finish to become the new F55-59 World Champion.

The new 2019 Gran Fondo World Champions are:

M19-34: Maxim Pirard (BEL)
M35-39 : Luca Fioretti (ITA)
M40-44 : Grzegorz Golonko (POL)
M45-49 : Fred Voldset (NOR)
M50-54 : Daniel Christen (SUI)
M55-59 : Robert Garwood (USA)
M60-64 : Vladimir Kuznetsov (RUS)
M65-69 : Ulrich Rottler (GER)
M70-74 : Peter Ftorek (SVK)
M75-79 : Pierre Moreau (FRA)
M80+ : Michel Lacomme (FRA)
F19-34 : Nadine Gill (GER)
F35-39 : Ewa Bankowska (POL)
F40-44 : Sophie Evrard (FRA)
F45-49 : Monia Gallucci (ITA)
F50-54 : Elin Gronvik (NOR)
F55-59 : Janni Bormann (DEN)
F60-64 : Jeannie Longo (FRA)
F65-69 : Marti Valks (NED)
F70+ : Janet Ackermann (SUI)

France is again the leading nation with 4 world titles in the Gran Fondo after they also scored the same number of rainbow jerseys on Thursday.

Full results can be found on http://live.sts-timing.pl/uci_wc_poznan/index.php?dystans=1

2019 UCI Time Trial World Champions Officially Crowned in Poznan

2019 UCI Time Trial World Champions Officially Crowned in Poznan

After 22 qualifier events, riders could finally show their condition and power during the final event of the year in Poznan (Poland) during the 2019 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

New this year is that all age groups got official titles, jerseys and medals from the moment that one riders signed up, resulting in 20 new world champions from 14 different nationalities.

Overall fastest on the 18.3km was American Brock Mason (M19-34) in a time of 23:08 for an average speed of 46.6km/h, ten seconds faster than Danish Anders Moustgard who the M45-49 world title and Polish Miroslaw Wojciak who won the M40-44 rainbow jersey. 

The fastest female of the day was Polish Ewa Bankowska (M35-39) in a time of 25:44 and an average speed of 41.9 km/h, 12 seconds faster than German Adelheid Schütz (F45-49) and 15 seconds to Molly Van Houweling (F45-49). 

The new 2019 Time Trial World Champions are:

M19-34: Brock Mason (USA)
M35-39 : Tommi Martikainen (FIN) 
M40-44 : Miroslaw Wojciak (POL)
M45-49 : Anders Moustgaard (DEN)
M50-54 : Gregory Swinand (IRL)
M55-59 : Mario Fernandez Martinez (ESP)
M60-64 : Vladimir Kuznetsov (RUS)
M65-69 : Gilles Pellet (FRA)
M70-74 : Gary Ferguson (NZL)
M75-79 : Pierre Moreau (FRA)
M80+ : Michel Lacomme (FRA)
F19-34 : Laura Simenc (SLO) 
F35-39 : Ewa Bankowska (POL)
F40-44 : Amelie Kolweyh (GER)
F45-49 : Adelheid Schutz (GER)
F50-54 : Anna Davis (AUS)
F55-59 : Karen Hviid Christensen (DEN)
F60-64 : Jeannie Longo (FRA)
F65-69 : Lena Lundstrom (SWE)
F70+ : Janet Ackermann (SUI)

France is again the strongest nation with 4 world titles in the time trial.

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