2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Officially Cancelled

The 2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Series season has been very difficult and suffered the worst like many outdoor sporting events from the COVID19 global pandemic

2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Officially Cancelled

Almost all events have been cancelled and also the World Championships in Vancouver have been cancelled some weeks ago. The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will not be held in 2020 and will be postponed to 2021 in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Only three events will take place in the upcoming months and will count as qualifier event for 2021. The first scheduled event is Maraton Franja where the tradition since 1982 will continue on Sunday 6 September with a 156km Granfondo and 100km Mediofondo around the capital city of Ljubljana. The time trial won't take place this year.

Riders who are keen to test the 2021 World Championships course in Banja Luka can join the Granfondo Banja Luka on Saturday 3 October. The mediofondo is 88km long while the Granfondo is 130km with some climbs along the road. In 2020, there won't be a time trial.

Amy's Granfondo has its traditional event in September but will move to 8 November 2020 to experience the unique opportunity to ride a totally traffic free Great Ocean Road.

Additional events might be added to the calendar in September.

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