2018 U.S. Gran Fondo National Series, supported by Haute Route


Adirondack 540 Gran Fondo

June 16 2018
Wilmington, New York, USA
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The Adirondack 540 Preview Ride has been reorganized into the ADIRONDACK 540 GRAN FONDO! We will use the 136-mile ADIRONDACK 540 RAAM QUALIFIER course and there will be timed sections on a couple of climbs, a flat section and for the overall ride. There will be a vendor's expo and seminars on training, nutrition, equipment, lighting and strategy for the ADIRONDACK 540 RAAM QUALIFIER in September.

We’re working out the final details, but plans call for a vendor’s expo and seminars about ultra racing, with topics including nutrition, training, equipment, strategy and lighting, as well as several timed sections.

Routes: 136 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: D - Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
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Start Address: Alpine Country Inn and Suites, 5647 Route 86, Wilmington, New York
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