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United States >> Cyclist dies as Heatwave cooks Ariégeoise cyclosportive in France

Cyclist dies as Heatwave cooks Ariégeoise cyclosportive in France

A 53-year-old participant died Saturday morning, June 29, in the town of Le Port, during the cycling event Ariège which was subsequently cancelled due to safety concerns

Cyclist dies as Heatwave cooks Ariégeoise cyclosportive in France

French authorties to confirm scorching heat of the day affected rider, the man "seemed to have felt unwell while he was on his bike which could have led to his fall to the ground," said a French offical of Foix who investigated the incident.

The cyclist suffered cardiac arrest 61 kms into his chosen route of 80 kms. He could not be revived despite the care of the race doctor and rescue services.

Another cyclist was also seriously injured on the descent of the Port of Lers towards Auzat. He was the victim of a fall for a reason still undetermined. "The person was evacuated to a hospital in Toulouse, has been helicoptered, has suffered a relatively serious accident, but his life is not in danger." ensured race organizer, Patrice Vidal at the end of the weekend of cycling.

Riders started Saturday morning from Tarascon-sur-Ariège at 8 o'clock. On the route, several Pyrenean climbs,  but the heat made it very difficult to climb.

Organizers had made the decision to cancel the two most difficult routes because of the risks associated with the high temperatures.

After the death of the cyclist on Saturday, all routes on Sunday were cancelled.

The organizers followed safety procedures as temperatures reached record highs across Europe.

Riders are reminded to be exersize caution when riding in extreme temperatures, especially in long distance events where are exposed to direct sunlight and altitude for long periods of time where they could become dehydrated without realizing.

Be careful out there folks!