Autumn events added to the UCI Gran Fondo World Series calendar

The following events that take place after the 2021 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships have been approved by the UCI management committee.  These events are the first qualifiers of the 2022 UCI Gran Fondo World Series leading up to the 2022 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships which take place in Trento, Italy

The first event to qualify for next season is the Tre Valli Varesine Granfondo in Varese (ITA) and will take place on the weekend of 2-3 October on challenging courses that hosted the World Championships in 2018.  This year’s World Championships are one week after the Italian Granfondo, but Varese won’t count as qualifier for Sarajevo anymore.

the 2022 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships which take place in Trento, Italy

A second event is Granfondo Coimbra Region in Figueira-da-Foz and Montemor-o-Velho (POR) on 23-24 October.  The Portuguese event was initially scheduled to take place in April but the pandemic forced them to move to October for the inaugural event in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

In the same weekend on Sunday is Amy’s Granfondo a long term partner of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series.  The event in Lorne (AUS) has been part of the series since the initial year and will return after an absence last year because of Covid-19 on Sunday October 24.

The last event in the calendar is Granfondo Antalya (TUR) on 19-21 November.  The event was already part of the 2018 series with another organizer and was also scheduled at the end of April – early May but travel restrictions to this holiday destination required a date change towards the end of the year.  An ideal location to combine travel with tourism.

The rest of the 2022 UCI Gran Fondo World Series season taking place next year will be approved in September and announced soon afterwards.

2021 Cancellations and Date Changes

Two events have in the meantime decided to skip 2021 and aim for 2022 as Covid prevented the events to be organized this summer.  Gran Fondo Dnipro Race in Ukraine and Granfondo Rio de Janeiro will move to 2022.

Granfondo Moscow, recently postponed last minute this May will be organized on 10-11 July while the Leggendaria Charly Gaul will not take place on that weekend.  The event organizers have requested a date change towards September, to be confirmed by the national federation and the UCI soon.

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