Swenson and Stephens headline USA's 2023 Gravel World Championships Team

The 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships are set to take place in Treviso, Italy on October 7-8, 2023. In the event’s second year, USA Cycling is sending a team with goals of a podium for the American racers

Swenson and Stephens headline USA's 2023 Gravel World Championships Team

Swenson and Stephens recently won the first-ever Elite U.S. Gravel National Championships in Gering, Nebraska 

As part of the UCI’s Cycling for All initiative, the Gravel World Championships qualification process is multi-faceted. Riders can qualify for their age group by finishing in the top 25% of one of the Trek UCI Gravel World Series events. Additionally, riders who won their National Championship category at the 2023 National Championships were also nominated, including the top three of the elite races. Then, USA Cycling has the opportunity to enter an additional 20 athletes across all categories, including both amateur and elites. Athletes were required to petition for those final quota spots to be considered in the process.

The 2023 courses have just been revealed and the Elite course is 169km with an elevation gain of 1890m.

In the end, USA Cycling is sending a team of 13 Elite Men and 10 Elite Women who will battle for the coveted Elite World Title. Off-road phenom Keegan Swenson (Heber City, Utah; Santa Cruz, SRAM, htSQD) will have Team USA on his side with gravel superstars like Alexey Vermeulen (Pinckney, Mich.; Jukebox – ENVE), Brennan Wertz (Mill Valley, Calif.; Mosaic Cycles), and Payson McElveen (Durango, Colo.; Allied Cycle Works), along with three-time U.S. Criterium National Champion Luke Lamperti (Sebastopol, Calif.; Trinity Racing).

Elite Women’s Gravel National Champion Lauren Stephens (Dallas, Texas; EF EDUCATION-TIBCO-SVB) will be leading the charge along with fellow Road Worlds team member Heidi Franz (Seattle, Wash.; DNA Pro Cycling), and returning Gravel Worlds members Emily Newsom (Fort Worth, Tex.; Roxo Racing) and Sarah Sturm (Durango, Colo.; Specialized/ Rapha/ Wahoo). Alexis Skarda (Grand Junction, Colo.; Santa Cruz Bicycles) and Crystal Anthony (Bentonville, Ark.; Liv Racing Collective) will also be ones to watch after their silver and bronze medal performances at the inaugural Gravel National Championships.

The Team USA Roster is as follows:

Elite Men

Zach Calton (Salt Lake City)
Ian Kutzleb (Durango, Colo.)
Luke Lamperti (Sebastopol, Calif.; Trinity Racing)
Andy Lydic (Boulder, Colo.; BMC #ItCouldBeMe)
Payson McElveen (Durango, Colo.; Allied Cycle Works)
Justin McQuerry (Austin, Tex.; Team Novo Nordisk Development)
Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz, Calif.; Santa Cruz, SRAM, htSQD),
Ethan Overson (Tucson, Ariz.; Scuderia Pinarello)
Artem Shmidt (Cumming, Ga.; Hagens Berman Axeon)
Keegan Swenson (Heber City, Utah; Santa Cruz, SRAM, htSQD)
David Van Orsdel (Minneapolis)
Alexey Vermeulen (Pinckney, Mich.; Jukebox – ENVE)
Brennan Wertz (Mill Valley, Calif.; Mosaic Cycles)

Elite Women

Morgan Aguirre (Seattle, Wash.)
Crystal Anthony (Bentonville, Ark.; Liv Racing Collective)
Heidi Franz (Seattle, Wash.; DNA Pro Cycling)
Emily Newsom (Fort Worth, Tex.; Roxo Racing)
Paige Onweller (Belleville, Mich.; Trek/WTB/ABUS/HED/SRAM)
Lauren Stephens (Dallas, Texas; EF EDUCATION-TIBCO-SVB)
Alexis Skarda (Grand Junction, Colo.; Santa Cruz Bicycles)
Katherine Sheridan (Omaha, Neb.)
Kyleigh Spearing (Frankfort, Ill.)
Sarah Sturm (Durango, Colo.; Specialized/ Rapha/ Wahoo)

Gravel World Series and National Championship Qualifiers

*If riders have an elite UCI license and plan to compete in the World Championships, they will automatically race in the elite category

Name Age Group Qualifying Event
Andrew Nicholas 19-34 U.S. Nationals
Connor Thompson 19-34 3 Rides
Curtis White 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Danieela Estensso 19-34 U.S. Nationals
Dorf Mccarthy 19-34 3 Rides
Gabrielle Henry 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Jeffrey Watts 19-34 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Justin Mcquerry 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Mark Myles 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Oakley Griffin 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Rane Roatta 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Raylyn Nuss 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Richard Bergeron 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Russel Finsterwald 19-34 Wish One Gravel
Stefanie Sydlik 19-34 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Travis Longfellow 19-34 Highlands Gravel Classic
Aaron Clark 35-39 Highlands Gravel Classic
Clay Chittenden 35-39 Highlands Gravel Classic
Ivy Pederson 35-39 U.S. Nationals
Jesse Siemen 35-39 U.S. Nationals
John Purvis 35-39 Highlands Gravel Classic
Sean Wallace 35-39 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Wesley Greer 35-39 Highlands Gravel Classic
Austin Edgar 40-44 Highlands Gravel Classic
Erin Reedy 40-44 Highlands Gravel Classic
Francois David 40-44 Highlands Gravel Classic
John Ford 40-44 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Jurd Hurd 40-44 U.S. Nationals
Megan Cea 40-44 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Patrick Breen 40-44 Highlands Gravel Classic
Renee Harrington 40-44 Highlands Gravel Classic
Stefane Roth 40-44 Highlands Gravel Classic
Terry Casey 40-44 U.S. Nationals
Andrew Knight 45-49 U.S. Nationals
Bonnie Branson 45-49 Highlands Gravel Classic
David Deschamps 45-49 Highlands Gravel Classic
Gina Neiderman 45-49 Highlands Gravel Classic
James Wilson 45-49 The Gralloch
Jim Farasy 45-49 Highlands Gravel Classic
Mary Breed 45-49 U.S. Nationals
Monilee Keller 45-49 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Norman Zellers 45-49 Highlands Gravel Classic
Robert Lydic 45-49 Highlands Gravel Classic
Amy Phillips 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Ashley Thomas 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Brent Turner 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Cale Mcaninch 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
David Harwood 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Eric Burkhardt 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Jurgen Beneke 50-54 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Karrie Hovey 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Kindler Chase 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Molly Van Houweling 50-54 Gravel Adventure
Ricardo Morante 50-54 Highlands Gravel Classic
Angela Patterson-Edwards 50-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Jesse Anthony Couche 50-59 La Monsterrato
Michelle Satrowsky 50-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Bradley Cobb 55-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Daniel Wren 55-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Mike Unruh 55-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Nigel Willerton 55-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Stacy Beneke 55-59 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Will Black 55-59 Highlands Gravel Classic
Adam Vanderburg 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Beth Leasure-Hudson 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Chris Carlson 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Elizabeth Williams 60-64 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
James Edwards 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
John Neihouse 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
John Steward 60-64 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Juergen Eckmann 60-64 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Kim Wagner 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Lillian Pfluke 60-64 3 Rides
Marni Harker 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Randy Warren 60-64 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Rick Hoyt 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Stuart Mann 60-64 Highlands Gravel Classic
Susan Hausfeld Moote 60-64 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Susan Mcdonough 60-64 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Connie Carpentier 65-69 Highlands Gravel Classic
Gaylord Otte 65-69 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Jay Eagen 65-69 Highlands Gravel Classic
Michael Harring 65-69 Highlands Gravel Classic
Pam Glenn 65-69 Highlands Gravel Classic
Steve Matous 65-69 Highlands Gravel Classic
Tony Turrini 65-69 The Gralloch
David Snitman 70-74 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Don Miller 70-74 Blue Mountains Gran Fondo
Jim Faes 70-74 Highlands Gravel Classic
Stuart Fealk 70-74 Highlands Gravel Classic


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