Free registration for International cyclists at Giant Seorak Gran Fondo 

Free registration for International cyclists thanks to Visit Korea and Gran Fondo World Tour®, with the support of Visit Korea Tourism Board. 2024 edition takes place May 18th 2024.

Free registration for International cyclists at Giant Seorak Gran Fondo

Imagine yourself pedaling through lush forests, past cascading waterfalls, and alongside towering granite peaks. Seorak Granfondo takes cyclists on an unforgettable tour of Seoraksan National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve renowned for its natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. Each twist and turn of the route reveals panoramic vistas that will leave cyclists awestruck and inspired.

Seorak Granfondo isn't just about the scenery; it's about the challenge. Cyclists of all levels converge to tackle the varying routes, ranging from manageable distances for beginners to epic climbs for seasoned pros. Whether you're aiming for a personal best or simply relishing the joy of the ride, Seorak Granfondo offers a supportive atmosphere where participants push themselves to new heights while forging lasting friendships with fellow cyclists.

The Seorak Granfondo in South Korea began in 2010 with ten enthusiastic Korean riders setting off from the eastern foot of Baekbokryeong in Gangwon Province, crossing seven hills, and riding 265km to reach Sokcho. The 2024 edition takes place May 18th 2024.


Known for its scenic route encompassing the beautiful landscapes of Gangwon Province's Seoraksan and Odaesan regions, the Seorak Granfondo features a challenging course with five major hills, totaling 208km with 3,700m elevation gain, earning it the toughest 'F' grade. Particularly, the last segment crossing Guryongryeong in reverse (from east to west) involves a grueling 20km uphill climb, classified as a UCI uphill category 'HC' grade.

Granfondo riders have to complete the 208km course over 4 grade 2 hills, 2 grade 4 hills and 1 HC (hors catégorie, non-grade) hill in the UCI uphill category within 12 hours. Riders start start at 7 and pass the 82km point before 12:00, and after that, you can only ride on the Mediofondo. And have to pass 143km point(Seorim Samgeori) before 15:00. After 15:00, you must take the shuttle bus. There are five feed stations(include special feed station where you can eat your own supplies).

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The Mediofondo course should be completed within 7 hours of the 105km course, which is 2 hills of Category 2 and 1 hill Category 4 grade of UCI uphill category. There are 2 feed stations. The Granfondo and Mediofondo courses are divided at 82 km from the start and can be ridden at your own discretion.
Why not try the hardest but enjoyable and intense experience in a lifetime?
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Seorak Medio Fondo

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