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L’Ariégeoise Cyclosportive

June 24 2023
Ariégeoise, France
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Distances: 58, 75, 110, 126, 162, 178 km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb

The Challenge has been created to bring together Pyrenean cyclo-sport events in several countries. Its objective is to promote both the Pyrenees and cycling events as well as to encourage cyclists to participate in these in the cross-border areas. 

1995-2022: 27 years of Ariégeoise
The climbs of the Plateau de Beille - Date to be defined for 2022
26th edition of L'Ariégeoise - Saturday June 25, 2022:
- The Ariegeoise XXL: 178km 4888m D+
- The Ariègeoise: 162km 3638m D+
- The XXL Mountagnole: 126km 3193m D+
- The Mountagnole: 110km 1943m D+
- La Passéjade & Passéjad’elec: 75km 1229m D+
- They make the Ariègeoise: 58km 894m D+

L’Ariégeoise Cyclosportive


Start Located At: Ariégeoise, France
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