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Gran Fondo Nairo Quintana Mexico

October 25 - October 27 2024
San Luis Captial Mexico
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Distances: 50, 100, 150 km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

Close your eyes and imagine being at the start line of the Gran Fondo. You can feel the excitement in the air as everyone prepares to leave. The morning sun peeks out from behind the towering mountains, and the fresh, pure air revitalizes you, filling you with energy.

Your heart is pounding as the announcer announces the start of the race. With each pedal stroke, you join a group of riders and soon find yourself braving a steep hill. Each effort on the pedal takes you a little higher, and you can feel the tension in your muscles as your breathing quickens. Finally, you reach the top of the hill and look down, marveling at the spectacular scenery that unfolds before your eyes in the beautiful city of San Luis. In that instant, you realize that you have overcome a great challenge.

Excitement and euphoria wash over you, and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction wash over you. Although there are still many kilometers to go, you feel prepared to face any obstacle that stands in the way of this exciting cycling challenge.

Gran Fondo Nairo Quintana Mexico

Start Located At: San Luis Captial, Mexico
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Nov 25 2018 - NEWS: Join Nairo Quintana at his Gran Fondo this December 1st