Colesburg Back 40

September 01 2024
Colesburg IA
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Distances: 29, 44, 58.3, 102, 204 miles
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

The Colesburg Back 40 takes place in Iowa's driftless region and has views that'll take your breath away.  

5 different routes are available this year.  25-45-60-100-200   Yes all routes include level B & C roads.  Remember, the Level C roads are private property and are NOT allowed to be ridden on, except for race day.

Count on roughly 1,000 ft of climb per 10 miles but you won't notice that, you'll be so busy enjoying the landscaping.

Colesburg Back 40

Start Located At: 100-112 Parkview Ct, Colesburg, IA 52035, USA
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