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Le Pilgramage

September 12 - September 17 2024
Puy Saint Vincent France
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Distances: 12-16 hours per day
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

The summit is our sanctuary, the trail our tribulation. Join us on Le Pilgrimage: a gravel journey that will challenge you while you follow in the footsteps of our patron pilgrim Saint Roch. 

You feel the air getting thinner, a majestic view comes into sight. Your spirit is elevated by the breathtaking routes and the comfort of a shared safe haven. Le Pilgrimage offers a unique combination of adventure, community and comfort. Like a true Pilgrimage, this is not a race, it is a challenging journey you will share with like-minded spirits.

You will ride 3 stages during your 5-day journey where you decide your pace and you need to be self-supported. With each stage the route will become harder. For each loop we provide short cuts or alternatives routes.

After each stage, you’ll return to the basecamp Chalet AlpeLune, where we will take care of the weary pilgrims. We will eat, drink and rest here together and you’ll be able to catch some sleep in your dormitory bed or in your own tent which you can pitch in the Chalet garden. The next day we will set off together again for the next stage.

The 3 stages will take you to some of the highest off-road mountain passes in Europe, where you will be on your own and have to support yourself. We finish the last day with a Pilgrimage-party at the Chalet.

Le Pilgramage

Start Located At: Puy Saint Vincent
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