Gran Fondo Maryland, September 15th

Blackforest Bikepacking GetTogether

September 27 - September 28 2024
BadenWürttemberg Germany
Date Confirmed
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Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

What about bikepacking and the Black Forest, combined with a get-together space?

I’ve had this one dream for years: to bring people together in a special place to share my enthusiasm for nature, cycling, bikepacking and the Black Forest with them.

So what could be more obvious here to create exactly such a get-together?

So many routes, so many highlights, views, solitude and cakes to ride to be discovered and enjoyed here in the Black Forest. Incredibly clear, quiet nights, rushing streams, mysterious lakes and endless mountains to climb and scale. So many kinds of hearts that I like to share. So many heart memories to reforge.

And this one – preferably with you!

Black Forrest Bikepacking Together

Start Located At: Gutach, Germany
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Sep 27 2024 - EVENT: Blackforest Bikepacking GetTogether