Portland Century

June 16 2024
Portland Oregon USA
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Distances: 40, 55, 70, 85, 100 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

A Tour of Portland Highlights including Bull Run, Marine Drive, Alameda Ridge, Ladd’s Addition, Willamette Bluffs, Kelly Butte, Hawthorne Bridge, Powell Butte Park, Springwater Corridor, Smith and Bybee Lakes, Pioneer Courhouse Square and Downtown Portland along three impressive routes.

A Gourmet Ride! The menu varies by course, and includes: Hot Lips Pizza, deli sandwiches on Dave’s Killer Bread, strawberry shortcake, pasta salad, fresh fruits and much more. A Delicious Dinner and Beer Garden Grilled salmon fillet, tender asparagus, mixed greens salad, pasta salad, and yummy dessert – all served with a cold microbrew or two.

Unrivaled Support Every Mile of the Way. Well marked courses; clear ride map; ride-along medics and mechanics; well-stocked (and yummy!) rest stops; support vehicles on course (just in case); tons of great food; start line mechanical support; short lines; hundreds of volunteers, friendly, helpful staff and all the support you need to have an incredible day riding through Portland and its awe-inspiring fringes.

The Tour

Explore the western fringes of Portland’s renowned urban growth boundary.

Relish the rolling, patchwork landscapes showcasing the rich bounty of Oregon’s agriculture.  Visit towns that you have never heard of, like King City, Gaston, Gales Creek, and Dilley.  Farms of all types line the course; vegetable, dairy, lavender, u/we pick berries, Christmas trees and centuries (over 100 years old).

Riders are ushered out of town, and welcomed back, through deep, cool forests. In between are miles of smooth roads, with little to no traffic, and an entire memory stick’s worth of breathtaking scenery.

This is the west wing.  Next year’s routes will be entirely different.  Do not miss this opportunity to” Head West, young (wo)man!”

The Rest Stops

Approximately every 15 miles (average), there is a fully stocked rest stop.  Sure, the basics are there; sunscreen, water, electrolytes, PBJ, and bananas – but this is The Portland Century, so it gets a whole lot better.

 Enjoy deli sandwiches on organic 20-grain bread, fresh-picked berries (or you can pick your own), Florentine pasta salad, organic watermelon, strawberry shortcake, fruit smoothies and so much more.

Most rest stops offer mechanical support to keep your bike happy and healthy.

The Support

The course is so well marked; it set a new standard in the local industry.  Even so, there are detailed maps and cue sheets to help guide your way.  There are mechanics at most rest stops, and support vehicles en route to give you a lift, should you need one.  The ride is peppered with medical and mechanical riders, and there are motorcycles to provide extra visibility at any areas of concern.  A dedicated course manager is on call to answer any questions or dispatch support vehicles, if needed.

Happy Ending

The Portland Century welcomes you home with style.

Live music floats over the finish line festival.  Many riders fill up a complimentary Hopworks beer as they admire the varietal rose display and have their picture taken in front of the ice sculpture.  It is almost a rite of passage to touch the sculpture to answer the question, “Is that really ice?!” 

And that leads us to the dinner menu…

Start Located At: Portland State University 1791 SW Park, Oregon
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