White Mountain Double Century

White Mountain Double Century

September 08 2018
Bishop, California, USA
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Distances: 200 miles (12,600 feet)
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

The White Mountain Double Century is one of the most spectacular and challenging events in the California Triple Crown. Its majestic beauty and remoteness is unmatched. The Double Century has high and lowland options. While both options follow primarily the same course, the highland option goes up to the highest paved point on White Mountain, and the lowland option goes out to the Palmetto Historical Landmark. Both options go all the way around White Mountain with heart-pounding climbs and jaw-dropping descents.

Course Info

The White Mountain Double Century (WMDC) is truly an unique ride. It goes all the way up and completely around the White Mountain range.  The WMDC is a very majestic and remote ride. It starts with a good section to warm up on from Bishop before tacking one of California’s most challenging high altitude climb up to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. This is a breathtaking piece of cycling by going all the way up to a 10,100 foot summit. The reward at the summit is seeing the oldest pine trees in the world, and viewing the beauty of the Sierra’s from some awesome view points. 

Then the descent off of the summit contains a highly technical downhill section for a few miles, and it requires advanced descending skills. After the technical section, there are just miles and miles of fun downhill to Deep Springs. Next will be a quite serene climb up to Gilbert Pass, the views from here are amazing. The vastness of the desert valley makes you feel very small, and the remoteness is something to experience.  Then more fun downhill right into one of the most isolated areas that California and Nevada have to offer called Fish Lake Valley.

At this point on the course the route goes through the open range with grazing cattle and wild horses. Next, there is welcomed section of flat road that rolls into Dyer, Nevada. In Dyer, there is the hospitality of “Boonies” bar and grill, great sandwiches, mexican Cokes, chips, fruit, cookies, wading pool,  and an opportunity to play the “one arm bandit” awaits.

The second half of the course cruises through the Fish Lake Valley, with constant views of White Mountain and Boundary Peak, the brilliantly colorful Volcanic Hills, the eerie salt marshes along Highway 773, this is usually a hot stretch to the best smoothies in the world, next the course climbs up over the Montgomery Pass back into California, and the final descent into the green valleys north of Bishop - almost 50 miles of descending and flats.

This ride is very special in its remoteness, lack of traffic, and fascinating geology and scenery.  It is interesting because it does a circumnavigation of the White Mountain Range.

The White Mountain Double Double Century is both of the White Mountain Double Centuries in one weekend. It has a start on both Saturday and Sunday, and is completely supported both days. No personal crews are allowed during these events. The ride on both days will have the same great course, vey low traffic, and support stations. The climbs, terrain, and conditions can leave you with the confidence that you are ready for anything! Let the White Mountain take care of your and your friends cycling needs for the weekend!!

The Ride Around White Mountain (RAWM) is a 143 miles using the most direct route around the White Mountain range. It includes 3 of the most popular mountain passes in the area. It's a great relaxing route. 

White Mountain Double Century

Start Located At: La Quinta Inn, 651 N. Main St. Bishop, CA 93514
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