The Cyclists Menu - Gravel

The Cyclists Menu - Gravel

March 14 - March 19 2016
Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Distances: 50-100+ miles per day
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills

5 days of the best endurance adventure, inspiration for your next event, and Tucson's rising food and beverage culture. 

As this new, unique genre of cycling gains huge popularity and support, a week of gravel grinding seems appropriate. The Cyclist's Menu offers clients the ability to train, learn and relax in a beautiful, Sonoran desert setting.   

We are so excited to showcase Tucson's stunning dirt roads and it's surrounding landscapes! Imagine, a place where you can experience every season in 1 day. Our talented staff will build each days adventure specific to your needs. Feel comfortable as you ride at your pace, with ample time each day to challenge yourself next to your peers and our team of dedicated coaches, racers, friends.  

Gravel road riding offers an adventure unlike your average ride.  It demands a sense of humor, a keen eye for detail, and the passion to desire.  During your week, forest roads and jeep trails will lead you into hidden valley's, historic farmsteads,  and grand views of the desert southwest.  You will leave knowing you pushed your limits, made memorable friendships, and are a key part in this incredible new story in the sport of cycling. Keep the momentum rolling and return home to push through the shoulder season, more inspired than ever before.

The Cyclists Menu - Gravel

Start Located At: Tucson, AZ
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-  Arrive between 10AM - Early afternoon, on Monday, March 14th
*  Tucson has a hand-full of flights throughout the day
-  No need to rent a car.  We'll pick you up from the airport when your plane touches down.  If you fly in the day before, we will pick you up from your hotel on the 14th, no problem! 
-  We'll finish building bikes up, and enjoy a refreshing lunch.
-  Depart for our 2-3 hour "spin out" ride at 3.
-  Hors' d' oeuvres starts at 6.
-  Dinner at 7.

Registration Fees

* Single occupancy rate will include an additional $625

Mar 14 2016 - EVENT: The Cyclists Menu - Gravel