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Owls Head Butte Century

January 26 2025
Marana AZ
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Distances: 40, 64 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

The Owl Head Buttes consist of six Buttes or peaks of which all beg for your interest. The reward is wonderful views of Picacho Peak, The Catalina Mountains, and the suburban greater Tucson areas. The area is thick with Sonoran Desert vegetation. The only downside would be the power lines dissecting the Buttes

The 64 mile route with long stretches of straight flat roads will be perfect for practicing group or pace-line riding skills. Not ready for that many miles? The 40 mile Loop is a fun alternative. Pick the distance that suits you and come ride with us.

We will provide one support and gear (SAG) station where you can refuel with fruit, water, sports drink, snacks and sandwiches. The long route will be serviced twice with this sag stop. There will be a lunch offered at the park after finishing the routes. You must finish by 1:00 PM and back at the park to enjoy this because we will close and pack up by 2:15 PM. The sag stop will close at 11:45 AM to allow volunteers to pack up and then enjoy the lunch at the park.

Watch for GABA Road Arrows indicating all the turns of the course and turnaround points. The different routes will have different colors. If you want paper map & cue sheets, please follow the links below and print at home to bring along.

Owls Head Butte Century

Start Located At: Ora Mae Harn Park, 13250 N. Lon Adams Rd, Marana, AZ 85653
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