2021 Bike and Beers Series - The Most Fun on Two Wheels!

Primavera Ride

Le Tour Ride

July 17 2021
Utrecht, Netherlands

It seems far away, but after a few months of spinning, skating, mountain biking or lazing, the weather cries. You can ride the road again with the race bike. And after some training in your familiar environment, it's time for the first tour of the year .... A real lenterit, The  Primavera  Ride . The professional also runs their Primavera  (Milan - San Remo) on March 18th.

The Primavera has three distances; 70 km, 95 km and 130 km. All distances go through the most beautiful parts of Utrecht and Gelderland, such as the Neder Veluwe, the long Rhine, the Grebbeberg and the Amerong mountains. The route is a mix of beautiful cliffs, alternating with flat pieces of heather or polderland and rolling hilly landscape.

Due to the beautiful surroundings around Veenendaal, Arnhem, Wageningen and Driebergen / Zeist you will find plenty of beautiful nature and nice cycling challenges! On the way we treat you to two stops that are plentifully equipped.

Primavera Ride


Tour Summary: 70, 95, 130 km
Finishing Medals
Post Event Meal(s) Provided As Part of Entry
Start Address: De Proloog, Amerongen, Netherlands
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