Peloton Gravel Mob

Peloton Gravel Mob

March 16 2024
Ojai, California, USA
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Distances: 30, 58 miles
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

BIG CLIMBS, STUNNING VIEWS, groomed fire roads, rutty, rocky dirt roads, creek crossings, (could be wet, probably be dry), exposed single track and a sweeping ten mile road descent down from Rose Valley back to Ojai.

A big thanks to our ride sponsors: Easton, Panaracer, Gu, Salsa Cycles, Giordana and Muc-Off !

Ride Descriptions:

THE PELOTON GRAVEL MOB FULL PULL: First 7-8 miles is on pavement and is a neutralized roll starting from The Mob Shop at 8:30 AM with ride breifing at 8:00. Before we hit the 10 mile Sulphur Mountain fire road climb we will regroup to ensure equal Strava start times. After Sulphur Mountain, we're back on pavement for about 7 miles for the transfer to the next section of dirt. The descent off of the first climb is paved, narrow, tight and technical. Always stay far right and be prepared for oncoming traffic.

The second dirt climb, Sisar Canyon Road, is rutty and rocky for the first 3-4 miles then gets a bit smoother for the next 4 miles. After the official climb, the dirt continues along a rolling (sometimes steep) fire road until it meets a loose + exposed, dirt single track descent called Howard Creek Trail for the last 2-3 miles of dirtiness. This descent will be neutralized and a 10 MPH speed limit will be in effect. The final 15 miles is paved and includes a long, sweeping + rewarding 10 mile descent down Highway 33 back into Ojai.

There will be three support stations - top of Sulphur, top of Sisar and top of Howard Single Track. Plenty of hydration + calorie options from Gu and other goodies will be on hand for your dining pleasure:-). 

The Mini Mob: Two monster dirt climbs is a big ask so no one will dispute the desire to head back into Ojai for a coffee or some R&R a bit early. To skip the second climb on Sisar and complete the Mini Mob simply turn left on Highway 150 after the road descent from Sulphur Mountain and it’s a quick five miles back to Ojai and The Mob Shop for a total ride of about 30 miles. You'll also get to descend Dennison Grade, which has featured in the Tour of California many times. A sign denoting this short cut will be placed at the intersection of Sulphur and Highway 150.

Gear: We're recommending a cross or gravel bike with compact road gearing and, of course, a mountain bike that's a solid climber will work. A rider previously completed the course on 25mm tires but had four flats along the maybe don't do that! Please bring at least two tubes.

After Ride Festivities:

There is a reason our ride isn't 130 miles! Join us after the ride at The Mob Shop for all the tacos you can eat and a beer, included with every entry (21 and over)! We'll be holding the world famous peloton Gravel Mob Raffle and a Swag Toss or two with some seriously good prizes, but you must be present to win!

Ojai is a great location not just for riding but for family members that don't ride. There is plenty to do in town while you suffer on the bike so bring the family and make it a weekend.

Another imortant note: This ride runs through the beautiful Los Padres National Forest and is being held under a Special Use Permit from United States Forest Service. The forest is a sacred resource that depends on our protection. Please give it the respect it deserves.

Peloton Gravel Mob

Start Located At: 110 W Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023
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