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La Mousquetaire

August 20 - August 21 2022
La Pierre Saint Martin, Arette, France
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Distances: 64 km
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills

Three courses in Barétous plus one, all different and complementary, in the service of the Little Queen. The name of FC Oloron Cycling's new cyclosportive flowed from source: The Musketeer. A name bearing symbols on the side of Arette, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, where this cyclosportive of a new kind will establish its quarters on August 21 and 22, 2021. For two days, cycling and mountain lovers will be able to experience new experiences on this side of the Pyrenees: a Gravel hike on Saturday morning, then a vintage hike in the afternoon, a timed route and a cross-border granfondo on Sunday.

The Gravel will take the participants on a 64-kilometre circuit passing through all the small passes around Arette, Lanne-en-Baretous, Aramits and Ance, for a nice positive drop of 1800 meters. The Vintage will make a 20-kilometre loop through the magnificent Lie Pass, the 400 meters of vertical drop opening this beautiful course to beginners and families, who will be able to ride quietly among machines of another age.

The next day, the 100 kilometers of the timed course will be reserved for runners capable of taking 2600 meters uphill, with a start on the coast followed by a long false flat rising before the pass of Ichère and then the long climb to the Soudet by the difficult passes of Houratate and Labays, before the return to Arette by the small treachery of the Serre and Bast.

Finally, for the first time, a Pyrenean Granfondo event will be co-organized by a French club: FC Oloron Cycling, and a Spanish club: Club Ciclista Borau. A course worthy of the biggest events: 4900 meters of vertical drop for a 200-kilometre loop from Arette, by Ichère and then the climb in the Aspe valley towards the Somport before turning to Jaca, turning west to Borau and the sequence of ascents in Aragon before the final bouquet, the Col de la Pierre Saint-Martin by its Spanish side.

The first Musketeer will be held on the weekend of August 21 and 22, 2021. Registration will be open at the beginning of the year, with a limited number of 200 runners on the Granfondo. A "Weekend Pass" will allow you to participate in the Gravel, Vintage and Chrono events.

La Mousquetaire

Start Located At: La Pierre Saint Martin, Arette, France
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