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United States >> 2,500 Cyclists Complete 4th Gran Fondo Stelvio

2,500 Cyclists Complete 4th Gran Fondo Stelvio

Rated as one of the top 10 Italian Gran Fondo's and one of the hardest Gran Fondo's in the World, just over 2,500 cyclists completed the Medio and Gran Fondo courses

Bormio, Italy, June 7th - 405 cyclist completed the 60km Piccolo Fondo, 817 cyclists completed the Medio Fondo of 138 km and 1,150 cyclists completed the tough Gran Fondo.

Italian Stefano Cecchini (The Bagarre - Cycling Lucchese) won the 151km Gran Fondo in a time of 5h 20m and 24 secs, an astonishing 28.3 kph (17.6 mph). Stefano has some impression wins under his belt in the Italian Gran Fondo scene. In 2013 - 3rd Marathon of the Dolomites and 15th ranked GF Apuan Alps. In 2014 - 1st place Green Fund Paolo Bettini (short course), Marathon of the Dolomites (long course), 2nd place GF City of Pisa (long course), GF Damiano Conego (long course), 3rd GF Montalbano Hills (single path), GF Florence De Rosa (long course), Sportful Dolomiti Race (long distance) and 4th place Pantanissima GF (long course)

Featuring the beautiful climbs of the Mortirolo and the Stelvio are two of the most beautiful climbs in the world that echo with the feats of Fausto Coppi and Marco Pantani, it is now known to be one of the hardest one day Gran Fondo's. The 151km Gran Fondo officially contains 4,100 metres but to those who have ridden the event, Strava has recorded unofficial elevation gains of over 6,000 metres. The debate of the actual official total climbing will continue!

The Mortirolo is reputed to be one of the hardest climbs in cycling. With thye least gradient of 10% and long stretches of 18%. The top km includes gradients of over 30%. Most riders have to dismount. Only a handful of top riders can actually ride the whole climb without getting off. It's so steep in the last km, that the concrete road has had grip marks cut into it, so that vehicles can actually drive up it.

Results - http://www.granfondostelviosantini.com/wp-content/uploads/GF-SANTINI-2016-CLASSIFICA.pdf

Official Photos - http://www.fotostudio3.com/v3/index.asp

The Start of the 5th Gran Fondo Stelvio, in Bormio in the Northern Italian AlpsThe Peleton descends down towards TeglioRiders hit the base of the legendary MortiroloThe steep gradients of the Mortirolo takes it tollThose who complete the ride before the official cut off get an I Made It Cap!
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