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Indian Valley Century makes a strong comeback

Putting on a big event in a small community can be a gut-wrenching task. When the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce set about to organize the annual Indian Valley Century Bike Rides, fingers were crossed to hope for the best. Initially, only 20 riders had signed up in advance. So much for the fundraiser.

However, Saturday morning, May 28, was a gorgeous day for a bike ride: the sun was shining, the sky was clear, the temperature just right. As a result, 147 riders were on the route by 9 a.m. - a huge improvement over the last few years - and a hopeful signal for good years to come.

Josh Huddleston, one of the primary organizers of the event, attributed some of the success to past riders' positive experience at the event, coupled with the popularity of cycling around Northern California. Huddleston, along with other members of the Chamber, hope for increased advertising efforts for the next Century Ride.

The ride started in Greenville and continued to Antelope Lake. Riders could ride an easier route and turn around at Heart K Ranch or Taylorsville. The cost was $60 with lunch included.

While most of the riders were from out-of-town, most of the volunteers were locals. The riders had several stops for water and snacks at strategic points in the ride. Lunch, while traditionally held at the Genesee Store, was hosted this dyear by Young's Market in Taylorsville. They served the riders a meal of fajitas and tortillas, which was deemed "tasty and delicious" by riders as they left the serving patio in back of the Young's Market building.

One rider, from the Sacramento area, who'd never been on the ride before, said she was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the valley was and definitely would consider making the trip again.

The Century Ride even had one cyclist who had flown from New York City to participate.

The Chamber crew would also like to see more local riders as well. One local, who'd never gone on the ride remarked that cycling an area he only knew by car, gave him a whole new perspective on the valley.

The Chamber formerly hosted two bike rides a year: the ride on Memorial weekend and another in September. The September event didn't always have the best weather and the chamber has canceled plans for the early fall ride. Last year's attendance for the fall ride was historically low - which made the fundraiser costly.

For now, the Chamber will continue its promotion of the Century Ride on the Saturday of Memorial weekend and hopes to get the numbers back to its former high of 300 riders.

Indian Valley Century makes a strong comeback