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Jeremy Powers Lends a Hand in the Disc Brake Debate

US Cyclocross champion Jeremy Powers entered the disc brake debate by stopping a disc brake rotor with his hand

Adding his “two cents” to the debate Jeremy Powers, who rides for SRAM-sponsored Aspire Racing team, states that the new SRAM bevelled disc brakes were a “game changer” by stopping it safely with his hand.

Disc brakes are legal in cyclocross and Powers is a big user of the stopping system but at the same time  didn’t disagree with some of the issues raised by road riders competing in a large field commenting “There is nothing that will cut you any longer” he said

The former US CX champ will certainly add fuel to the fire regarding the use of disc brakes in road racing.

The UCI is continuing it's trial of disc brakes in professional road racing but not without injuries being blamed in disc brakes.

Power's video comes after the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) issued a press release announcing a ban on disc brakes at the Spanish national championships.


My 2 cents on the new rounded disc brake rotors, definitely a major step in ensuring everyone's safety. No disrespect to any of the road riders making a living - racing in huge fields, I don't disagree with any of the issues raised! But the new rotors are a game changer! What do you think of the new rotors? Game changer or til death due us part rim brakes?

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