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U23 rider Joni Kanerva's Injuries more serious

Finnish rider Joni Kanerva who crashed heavily after being side swiped by a team car at the U23 World Championship Road Race is unfortunately more seriously injured than first reported

Last week video went viral across the internet when Kanerva's crash was captured on social media.

It was first reported that Kanerva had sustained a fractured collarbone and broken ribs.

However, now that Kanerva is recovering in hospital, a full list of his injuiries is surfacing.

He fractured his C1 vertebrae, collarbone, four ribs and also sustained serious spleen injuries.

He also had part of his ear ripped, as he hit the barriers and a without doubt suffered concussion and severe Trauma.

He faces a long road to recovery physically and more importantly mentally as he comes to terms with the Trauma of his crash.

Due to the huge response on social media, the UCI quickly moved to respond to the situation.

A communiqué issued by the UCI identified the team car that swerved to avoid a collision with the car that had stopped, was that of the Argentian team.

And a maxium penalty of 2,000 Swiss Francs was imposed on the team for causing the crash, handed down under new rules introduced last year, that came in response to several high profile crashes involving race vehicles and riders.

VIDEO: Support Car Wipes Out U23 Finnish Rider in Bergen

Joni Kanerva, who was racing in the U23 World Championship Road Race in Bergen, Norway, fell badly on Friday when a support car ran into him.

The collision occurred near the center of Bergen. Kanerva was between the service cars following the peloton.

What happened next was very unfortunate. The lead car stopped quickly to help another cyclist with a tire change.

The car stopped so fast that the car behind made a quick manouver to avoid a collison, and went into the path of Kanerva.

Kanerva flew sideways from the force of the collision into barriers and crashed to the ground. The Finn was rushed to hospital.