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VIDEO: Driver charged with Assault after punching Asheville cyclist in the Face

A video of a motorist assaulting a cyclist in Asheville, NC has gone viral on the internet. Other criminal charges pending.

ASHEVILLE, NC - A video shared by Asheville on Bikes appears to show a motorist assaulting a cyclist.

Filmed shortly after noon Sept. 27, the cyclist was heading southbound on Sand Hill Road, stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Sand Hill and Sardis roads.

A motorist in a Dodge Ram pickup truck, who is stopped in front of the cyclist, got out of the truck and appears to punch the cyclist in the face.  

Details have been confirmed by the cyclist's attorney, Ann Groninger, Copeley Johnson & Groninger PLLC.

The section of road before the intersection is a downhill slope. Line-painting crews in the oncoming lane made it difficult for the motorist to pass the cyclist until he neared the intersection.

According to Sule and Groninger, the driver attempted to run the cyclist off the road by entering the cyclist’s travel lane, forcing the cyclist to brake and swerve to avoid a collision.

The truck and cyclist  approached a red light, when the driver exited his vehicle, apparently striking the cyclist. 

The assailant has been charged with  assault. Groninger said the motorist hit her client hard enough to give him a bloody nose, busted lip and a toothache.

"Regarding additional charges, it will be up to the Buncombe County District Attorney's office to decide how to proceed on the criminal matter," she said "And since there are criminal charges pending, I don't want to comment too much on that."