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VIDEO: Thieves Steal $125,000 dollars worth of bikes from Dutch Bike Shop 

A bike shop in the Netherlands has released security footage of a bike theft that saw thieves take off with over $125,000 dollars worth of premium Bianchi bikes in less than 3 minutes

In the early morning of January 23, robbers took three minutes to run throhgh the store carefully selecting which bikes to steal.

The time it took to complete the crime and the precision with which the burglars picked their loot showed they were a professional bunch.

The bike shop, De Tweewieler Vught en Udenhout, said the stolen bikes were from the store’s Bianchi range, including road bikes, mountain bikes and E-bikes.

The listing of models that were stolen are: Oltre XR3, Oltre XR4, Infinito CV, Aria, Methanol, Impulso, E-Road

The store posted pictures of the damage that the masked thieves caused.

The theives removed the front doors from their fittings before smashing through.

Being the global capital of cycling infrastructure, the Dutch are keen users of bikes but also the number one targets for bike thieves.

In 2016, insurance claims for stolen bikes were double the 2013 number with over 15m Euros paid out to victims of bike theft.

Situated in the small village of Udenhout outside of Tilburg, the shop’s owners have requested anyone who has any information to inform the Dutch police by calling 0900-8844 for local residents, or +31 343 57 8844 if you’re calling from abroad, or visit