Cycling South Africa release Wild Card entries for Gran Fondo World Champs in France

Cycling South Africa has 10 Wild Card entries for the 2017 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, which will take place in Albi (France) from 24-27 August

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships sees amateurs battle it out each year for the chance to claim the coveted rainbow jersey. Riders between the ages of 19 and 77 compete in their respective age categories for the prestigious title.

Any rider who attains a top-three position in their respective age category at the SA National Road Championships receives an automatic entry into the Gran Fondo World Championships; and any rider who participates in a Gran Fondo World Championships Qualifying event anywhere in the world, and attains a position within the top 25% of their age group, will also gain an automatic entry into the Gran Fondo World Championships. Wild Card entries are for those who do not qualify through either of these automatic entry processes.

For those applying for a Wild Card entry, the following criteria needs to be adhered to:

Primary allocation will be based on SA National Road Championships results

Riders finishing between 4th and 10th in their age category will be able to apply for a Wild Card entry;
Closing date for applications is 31 March 2017. Please note applications must be accompanied by a riders sporting CV;
All allocations will be considered and finalised by the Directors of the Road Commission (Bosseau Boshoff) and Recreation Commission (Corne Bence).
Secondary allocation will only be possible if unallocated wild cards remain after the primary allocation process and will be on a first come first serve basis pending approval by the Road Commission and Recreation Commission Directors (please include sporting CV with your application).

All applications and supporting documentation to be sent to the Cycling South Africa office for attention Ms Prudence Pietersen,, before 31 March 2017.

Official Poster of the Granfondo World Championships, Albi 2017 Credit: UCI Albi Gran Fondo

Official Poster of the Granfondo World Championships, Albi 2017 Credit: UCI Albi Gran Fondo

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