RESULTS: Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

Hundreds of cyclists enjoyed the spring sunshine in Florida in the opening event of the 2017 Giordana Gran Fondo National Championships

Cyclists enjoy temperatures of 79F last weekend in the  phenomenally popular and growing Giordana Gran Fondo National Championship series, with the opening round in San Antonio, Florida.

Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

Centered in the rolling orange groves of Pasco County, the Gran Fondo Florida course started and ended at Local Public House & Provisions on Pennsylvania Avenue in San Antonio, FL.

Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

Cyclists travelled along rural rolling hills, past horse farms and crystal clear springs. Briefly going through Withlacoochee State Forest and the hills surrounding Brooksville, Florida. The area is the winter training site of some of the top triathletes in the world including members of the TIMEX team and the hometown former US National Cycling team members Josh Thornton and Derek Wilkerson.

Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

Riders enjoyed 3 routes from the 35 mile Piccolo Fondo, the 55 mile Medio Fondo and the 100 mile Gran Fondo. The course included 4 times sections. The 4 timed segments counted for Gran route, Sections #1, #3 & #4 counted for Medio route and only section #3 counted for Piccolo route.

Ex-pro cyclist and one of cycling’s top commentators Frankie Andreu was on hand as MC. Frankie regularly commentates on top events like the AMGEN Tour of California.

Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

Gran Fondo Team Award

6 teams battled it out on the 100 mile Gran Fondo course, with included 4 times sections of Mondon Hill, Stage Coach Trail, Batten Road and Darby Road.

The six teams were Kennedy Law Racing’s Team Green and Team Black and Team Cool-Aid, Notorious Velo Mafia, Diesel Brothers and Support Clean Sport / Seasucker / Guttenplan Coaching.

It was a good day for Support Clean Sport / Seasucker / Guttenplan Coaching who won the team prize in a combined time of 2h 10m 28s ahead of Diesel Brothers and the Notorious Velo Mafia.

Support Clean Sport / Seasucker / Guttenplan Coaching four riders were also the top 4 rider on the Gran Fondo overall with Fredd Matute, Steven Perezluha and Chris Trocoli rounding out the podium and Scott Cugno 4th.

Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

Gran Fondo Men’s Categories

1st Hunter Smith

M19 -34
1st Fredd Matute
2nd Steven Perezluha
3rd  Bobby Craig

1st Jonathan Maloney
2nd Jan Maynard
3rd Matt Sauer

M45 – 54
1st Chris Tricoli
2nd Scott Cugno
3rd Kirk Corsello

M55 – 64

1st Keith Richards
2nd Jay Trojan
3rd Richard Jansik

1st Jerry Magliulo
2nd Tom Lex
3rd Tony Austin

Gran Fondo Women’s Categories

1st Janna Edwards
2nd Lesbia Well
3rd Ashley Clifford

1st Katie-corbin
2nd Rosa Laura Saggese Elbooz
3rd Deirdre Maloney

1st Jan Burger
2nd Nicole Geller
3rd Shannon Pasch

1st Sue Neurah
2nd Gail Norman
3rd Caroyln Altman

Alexandra Danforth

Medio Fondo Men’s Categories

1              Stephen Gaydash              

1              Patrick Carter      
2              Alfonso Vazque
3              Collin Wikman    

1              Terrance Maloney              
2              Luis Rojas            
3              Leonardo Mallon

1              Reece Haettich  
2              Samuel Greenway            
3              Ted Westerheide

1              Peter Pavelic      
2              John Dagostino  
3              Theo Spilka         

1              Stephen Felmeister
2              John Allgeier      
3              Ken Schilling       

Medio Fondo Women’s Categories

1              Lily Miller

1              Ilma Calite
2              Krista Yoho

1              Yelena Maloney
2              Michelle Reynolds
3              Kari Larocco

1              Jennifer Dagnall
2              Madeleine Vergauwen      
3              Debra Jozwiak

1              Sandy Burks        
2              Kathy Mahan      
3              Jen Toohey          

1              Geordie Farrell    

Piccolo Fondo Men’s Categories

1              Jason Austin        

1              Josh Thornton     
2              Enrico Enting Jr
3              Xavier Kelly         

1              Michael Selah    
2              Bob Grahn
3              Hugo Scavino     

1              Jeffrey Towle      
2              Pierre Beaulieu  
3              German Rodriguez

1              Jim Pavek            
2              Steve Warren      
3              Eric Niwinski        

Piccolo Fondo Women’s Categories

1              Rocio Magana    
2              Karla Arroyo        

1              Rose Stasiowski
2              Sharlee Workman
3              Kristina Deneault

1              Teresa Gadient  
2              Patricia Britto
3              Ali Myles               

1              Robin Towle
2              Andrea Dagostin
3              Lynn Lewis          

This event raised funds for Pasco County SRO Explorer Program. The School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit is composed of two squads that provide law enforcement services to schools countywide. The SRO Explorer Program provides services for those aged 14-21.

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Gran Fondo in the Sunshine State

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