Skylands Cycling Wins Highlands Team Award

Skylands Cycling finished ahead of Hilltop Women and Fire Cycling Teams at the GFNS Highlands Gran Fondo

Skylands Cycling Wins Highlands Team Award

The GFNS 2017 circuit made its third stop in northern New Jersey with courses covering 35, 60 and 100 mile journeys through rolling farmland, hilly ridgelines, and winding roads that weaved up and down the lush green mountains. 

The routes showcasesd the Highlands area which is a 1,343 square mile region of Northern New Jersey, noted for its scenic landscape and environmental importance. Starting and finishing at High Point Brewing Company in Butler, NJ, the routes went over "High Point" the highest point in New Jersey, through High Point State Park were enjoyed closed park roads and tackled up to four times sections depending on their chosen distance.

Skylands Cycling Wins Highlands Team Award

Skylands Cycling Team riders Daniel Montgomery, William Gerboth, Matt Neugebauer and Jan Maynard set a combined timed section overall of 3h 6m 27 seconds over the four times sections on the Girodana Gran Fondo National Championships at the weekend.

Overall in the 100 miles Gran Fondo, Daniel Montgomery (Flanders NJ) was first ahead of William Gerboth (Sparta NJ) and  Matt Neugebauer (Wilmington DE) averaging 22.5 mph over the 4 timed sections of Macopin, Clinton Reservoir, Ridge Road, aka “The Highpoint” and NY/NJ State Line.

For the women on the Gran Fondo it was Stacey Barbossa (Mountainside NJ) ahead of Susan Moore (Long Valley NJ) and Jodie Hein (Ridgewood NJ) who rounded out the podium places.

Skylands Cycling Wins Highlands Team Award

On the 60 Medio Fondo overall, Wojtek Komsta (Jersey City NJ) was first ahead of Gabriel Zirpolo (Riverdale NJ) and Matt Armstrong (Chatham NJ).

For the women on the Medio Fondo the fatest lady was Veronica Eguia (Rego Park NY) ahead of Jin Armstrong (Chatham NJ and Linda Mcadams (Yardley PA) .

On the 30 mile Piccolo route overall  it was Richard Hofbauer (Hoboken NJ) first ahead of Kevin Shenton (Pompton Plains NJ) and Satchid Villareal (Clifton NJ).

For the women on the Piccolo Fondo it was Lorena Bartolome (Hamburg NJ), ahead of Miho Quito (Astoria NY) and Morgan Centrella (South Hackensack NJ).

Skylands Cycling Wins Highlands Team Award

Link to full results by distance and age catgeory:

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Skylands Cycling Wins Highlands Team Award
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