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Owls Head Butte Century

February 05 2017
Marana, Arizona, USA

The riders of last year's new course gave the new route positive reviews and we have made more improvements based on the riders' feedback.

Notice the new name; because riders have grown a bit weary of riding the frontage road up to Picacho, we're taking you off on a different course this year. We can't completely eliminate a few bumpy roads but we're trying hard to maximize the better roads. Although you will be able to see Picacho Peak from the ride, no one will actually ride there and next year we plan to phase out the Picacho name entirely.

All riders will start and end at Ora Mae Harn Park across from the Marana Town Hall this year--this will allow us to provide sandwiches at the end of the ride. This year's ride provides options of 36, 72 and 101 miles and an option to extend the 36-mile ride up to 60 miles. If you haven't done this ride in a while, it's time to give it another try!

The new century ride will challenge you with 2550 feet of climb and the 72-mile ride entails about 1970 feet of climb, so when choosing your route be sure to consider your options and leave time to enjoy lunch at the finish. If you're not sure about your mid-winter fitness level, try the 36-miler and tack on up to 12 extra beautiful miles up Park Link Drive if you're feeling strong.

The 100-milers will start with a 28-mile loop to the south and east, up the scenic and smooth Twin Peaks Road, then motor down Tangerine and swing by Harn Park again for their first rest stop. Then they and the 72-milers will head up to Park Link Drive. If you have never discovered Park Link and its great views of Picacho Peak and Owl Head Buttes, you're in for a treat! Park Link climbs very gradually through increasingly green and lush desert scenery for 18 miles, followed by a turn onto Route 79 with another SAG stop just before Oracle Junction. Riders will tour through Rancho Vistoso to Tangerine Road and cruise downhill to the finish and a reward of Eegees sandwiches.

The 35-milers will head up to the SAG stop on Park Links road then return, with the option to extend the ride further up beautiful Park Links road as many as 12 more miles to the top, then turn around and coast back down and enjoy the SAG stop a second time! Thus, riders can get in as much as 60 miles this way.

Click HERE to download the mail-in registration form and waiver. Mail in registrations must be received or postmarked by the Wednesday prior to the ride; otherwise, you will be charged the higher day-of-ride fee. Online registration will also expire on the Wednesday prior to the ride.

Check out our maps at the hyperlinks below for all the details of the routes. THERE WILL BE A LIMITED QUANTITY OF MAPS AT CHECK-IN ON THE DAY OFF THE RIDE.

Registration time:

- 8:00 AM for the 100-milers
- 8:30 AM for the 72-milers
- 9:00 AM for the 36-milers

Finish Time: the SAG at the finish at Harn Park will be open until 4:30 PM. Choose a route that will allow you to finish easily by 3:45 PM so that you can be sure to enjoy the food that we'll provide!

Century Riders: Please be on the road no later than 8:30 AM. Follow the cue sheet and head south on Sanders, across bumpy Avra Valley Road, and up the wonderfully-smooth Twin Peaks road. Zip down the sweet descent on Tangerine into Gladden Farms back to the Park. Grab a snack and some energy drink and join the 72-mile route. 

73-Milers: Please be on the road no later than 9:00 AM. Head up the frontage road past Red Rock and turn on Park Link Drive. Enjoy the view of Picacho Peak from the SAG stop, about 6 miles up Park Link Rd, then continue up to Route 79. Take a break at a SAG stop about a mile before Oracle Junction then pedal along Oracle Road and through Rancho Vistoso to Tangerine Road to Gladden Farms and return. 

35-Milers: Pedal through Marana following your map, cue sheet, and the bright yellow GABA signs. Head up the frontage road past Red Rock and then right onto Park Link Drive. A SAG will be located about 6 miles up the road. Turn around here for a 36-mile ride or continue up Park Link Rd as far as you like, turn around and enjoy the view of Picacho Peak and you cruise back to the SAG. Return via the same route. 


Routes: 35, 73, 100 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: D - Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
Start Times / Itinerary

8:00 AM for the 100-milers - 8:30 AM for the 72-milers - 9:00 AM for the 36-milers


$35 - $45

Start Address: ORA MAE HARN PARK,13250 W Lon Adams Marana, AZ 85653
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