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2017 Cyclone Challenge

2018 Cyclone Challenge

June 16 2018
Newcastle, North East, UK

The Cyclone Challenge rides are now recognised as one of the premier cycling events in the UK where non competitive cyclists can test their fitness and set themselves a personal challenge. The event attracts riders from both inside and outside the UK and the 2016 edition was the 10th Anniversary of the event.

In the past 10 years since it was first created the event has had over 32,000 riders take part and raising over £2M for charity. It was also one of the first multi day events that combined both competitive and non competitive elements. This format has been copied by several other events bu the Cyclone is still one of the biggest in the UK.

Sportive cycle rides are becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe and in the UK. They offer a challenge to all ages and abilities and allow participants to ride at their own pace, whilst enjoying the countryside. These events are not races but do allow those who wish, to test themselves and set their own goals and try and achieve them.
Northumberland is known as the “secret County” with some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain, quiet roads and friendly natives. What better way to view this spectacular County than by bike. Take in the scenery, stop in small villages along the way and sample the local “fare” on offer.

On 17th June 2017 you have the chance to enter one of the four different routes which combine to make up the whole event. The four events and distances have been planned to ensure that there is a challenge for everyone and one that will allow you to ride within your capabilities. All rides meander through the beautiful Northumbrian countryside, passing through quiet lanes and hidden unspoiled villages.

The 4th route of 90mls (Red Route) was added in 2016 to give those riders who want a challenge midway between the 64ml and 106ml rides.

All rides go out through Dinnington and then onto Berwick Hill before descending down to Kirkley Hall and on to Whalton. The routes then split 1ml north of Whalton with Ride A going towards Bolam Lake and the other three rides heading towards the first feed station at Netherwitton.

All rides start and finish at the Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club, Kingston Park and will use part of the route to be used on the Sunday by the very top riders in the Country when they compete in the Beaumont Trophy and Curlew Cup.

The 1st Feed Station for rides B,C and D will now be located at Netherwitton Village Hall instead of Forestburngate.    All Feed Stations will have energy drinks supplied by OTE, Geobars supplied by Traidcraft and bananas all provided  as part of the entry fee plus a selection of hot drinks and cakes/sandwiches which can be purchased. All entrants can puchase OTE products before the event by going to quoting cycote16.They will also be manned by volunteers from the villages along with Gosforth Sea Cadets. The Feed Stations have 1st Aid Facilities and contact back to Event HQ

Timing Stations are situated around the routes and it is important that all riders ensure that their timing chip is securely attached to their helmet on the left side so that the organisers can accurately monitor where riders are on the course.

Ride A – 34 miles - Green Route
Designed for families and those just who want to enjoy the countryside without any large hills. The route is undulating and ascends for a total of 390M (1280ft) whilst passing through a number of small villages with pubs and Coffee shops. There is one feed station at Stamfordham.

Ride B – 64 miles - Blue Route
This ride is for semi serious cyclists or those who want a challenge. It is a hilly route and not to be entered without a little previous training. The route is the same route as Rides C and D for the first half and then goes off in a different direction to eventually join up with ride C again for the last 1/3rd of the ride. It ascends 1217M (3993ft) in the 64mls. There are feed stations at Netherwitton, Cambo and Stamfordham. The ride also passes through a number of villages and hamlets where there are pubs and coffee shops.

Ride C - 90mls - Red Route
This new ride has been added to provide a challenge for those who do not want to do Ride D but want more of a Challenge than Ride B. It follows the same route as Ride D as far as Elsdon and then bears left to go up Winters Gibbet. It joins Ride B at the Harwood Forest Junction and follows Ride B back to the finish at Newcastle Falcons. it ascends 1788m (5866ft) in the 90 mls. There are feed stations at Netherwitton, Elsdon, Cambo and Stamfordham.

Ride D – 106 miles - Black Route
A serious challenge for the more experienced cyclists or those who are very fit. The route is very hilly with 2374m (7789ft) of climbing. The route is very choppy with 8 significant climbs and the highest point is Troughend Common (340m), west of Otterburn in the Cheviot Hills. There are 4 feed stations on this route at Forestburngate, Elsdon, Wark and Stamfordham.  Riders competing this distance will have the additional challenge of achieving Gold, Silver or Bronze Standard for their ride.

2017 Cyclone Challenge

Routes: 34, 64, 94, 106 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: E - Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb
Start Times / Itinerary

Registration - Saturday - Newcastle Falcons Rugby Ground
106mls - 7.00-8.00am
  90mls - 8.00-9.00am
  64mls - 8.30-9.30am
  34mls - 9.00-10.00am

Start times
The following start times are recommended for each distance:
106mls - start   8.00-8.45am
  90mls - start   8.45-9.30am
  64mls - start   9.30-10.30am
  34mls - start 10.30-11.00am

What's Included?

All rides use safe and quiet roads and visit numerous villages along their way. Finishers in all events will be given a finishing time as well as intermediate split times. Riders will be able to download a certificate after completion of the event which will show their finishing time.

Every rider will receive a free T-shirt and Certificate upon completion of their event once they have finished. There will be refreshment stops on all four rides where riders can get food and drink.

There are  numerous cafés and pubs along all three of the routes where competitors can stop and have a rest as well as taking on board food and drink. If you are doing Ride C why not pop into the Cyclists Cafe in Elsdon. This is the cafe situated to the right of the Village Green, behind the church as you come in from Rothbury. You will receive a warm welcome from Allan and Marion and you can have a look a the cycling memorabilia in the Cafe.

Every rider will have automatic event insurance provided by British Cycling for the duration of the event.
The Feed and Timing stations will be manned by village volunteers and the Sea Cadets and there will be full medical cover throughout the event. All junctions will be sign posted and exact route details for each ride are on the website. Throughout the event vehicles from Shimano will be on hand to assist those in difficulty and give advice. The feed station supplies will be delivered by Ramage Transport.

Prize / Race Categories

The standards are set as follows:
Gold Standard - under 5hrs 45 mins
Silver Standard - 5hrs 46 mins - 6hrs 35mins
Bronze Standard - over 6hrs 36mins.

Adequate Car Parking
Free Parking
Toilets / Changing Rooms
Sign On Desk
Support for Participants
Route Signposted
First Aid
SAG Wagon
Controlled Intersections
Mechanical Support at Rest Stops
Electronic Start/Finish Timing
Finishing Medals
Results Within 24 Hours
Feed / Aid Stations
Event Size
2,000 – 4,999
Start Address: Newcastle Falcon Rugby Club, Kingston Park Town, Newcastle upon Tyne County, Tyne and Wear, NE13 8AF
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Jun 16 2018 - EVENT: 2018 Cyclone Challenge