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Gran Fondo Giordana

June 28 2015
Aprica, Lombardia, Italy

The ninth edition of the Giordana International Gran Fondo will take place in Aprica on Sunday 23 June 2013, is open to all amateur cyclists of both sexes, Italian and foreign, between the ages of 18 and 70, who are members of a respective national cycling federation. It is also open to cyclists with a national federation membership card and cyclists holding a recent health certificate.



Height difference of 1,400 m (4,600 feet)
8% Average slope and 15% max. slope

Height difference of 1,300 m. (4,300 feet)
10.5% Average slope and 18% max. slope

3.  S.S.39 CROSSROADS –S.CRISTINA PASS 7 Km. Height difference of 600 m (1,970 feet)
8.5% Average slope and 16% max. slope

4. MONNO –MORTIROLO PASS 12Km Height difference of 800 m (2,630 feet)
7% Average slope and 14% max. slope



Registrations will be accepted until 8pm on Saturday 15 June on the website; late registrations will be accepted until 8pm on Wednesday 19 June with an extra charge of €5

The race kits will be handed out on Friday 21 June (3pm/7pm), Saturday 22 June (9am/12 noon – 2.30pm/7.30pm) and Sunday 23 June (5.30am/7am) in the sports hall in via Magnolta; membership cards will be checked at the same time.


As is our custom, competitors will be given a race kit. The free kit of the International Long-Distance Cycle Race of Aprica includes a beautiful commemorative jersey depicting some of the most memorable mountain passes of the race such as the Gavia Pass and the Mortirolo Pass.  
Competitors may proudly wear this collection jersey during the race if they wish (it is not an obligation).
Bib shorts to match the jersey are also available at the price of €50. They can purchased directly on-site until stocks last.


The Gavia- S.Caterina Valfurva descent will not be closed to traffic for the competitors that will reach the Gavia Pass after 12 noon. Competitors who choose to follow the longer route must pass through Aprica before 5pm, the time at which the gate leading to S. Cristina Pass will be closed.

If a competitor is unable to take part in the race, his/her registration fee will not be refunded. If cancellation is received 7 days before the race, the registration shall be considered valid for the next edition.

The race will take place in all weather conditions; it will be cancelled only in case of natural disasters or adverse conditions that may prejudice the safety of the competitors. In case of cancellation, registration fees will be valid for the next edition.

1st Grid: Former competitive cyclists - Top 100 Rang. - Guests – Honour – Women -  Overall top 10 of each route of the 2011 edition  
2nd Grid: competitors entered into various circuits + individuals registered in November
3rd Grid: competitors entered into various circuits + individuals registered in December
4th Grid: competitors entered into various circuits + individuals registered in January
5th grid and following ones: according to the registration date

Prizes will be given to:
Overall top three (m/f) per route;
First three of the short-distance route category;
First five of the medium and long distance categories;
The first three teams  for the number of kilometres covered.
Prize-giving times (approximate):
- overall  top three of short route – 10.30 am;
- overall  top three of medium route + first three short route category winners – 12.30 pm;
- overall  top three of long route – 1.30 pm;
- medium route category winners – 3.30 pm;
- long route category winners – 4.30 pm.

Real Time timing by SDAM srl using the ChampionChip® system.
Only athletes wearing a ChampionChip® BlueChip will be timed and ranked.

Four ambulances with doctors and nurses will be available as well as the helicopter rescue service. On the uphill Mazzo to Mortirolo pass there will be first aid posts near all the refreshment stands

Three cars and three motorcycles will be available to assist with wheel changes and a broom wagon will also be available. Three fixed assistance points are foreseen: 1) Gavia Pass, 2) Start of the Mazzo-Mortirolo climb, 3) Mortirolo Pass.
Private cars and motorbikes are not allowed to follow the race unless previously authorised.

The following roads will be closed during the Long-Distance Cycle Race: 
- Aprica-Edolo (17 km from 6.45am to 8.10am);
- S. Caterina Valfurva –Gavia Pass – S. Apollonia (34 km from 8am to 12 noon);
- Mazzo –Mortirolo Pass – Trivigno – Pian di Gembro -.Aprica (38 km from 8am to 6pm);
- Monno –Mortirolo Pass (12 km from 8am to 10am);

Friday 21/06
- 2pm  opening of the expo area (until 11pm);
Saturday 22/06
- 9am  opening of the expo area (until 11pm);
- 5.00 pm parade Fanfara dei Bersaglieri “Garibaldina” and performance of the Gruppo Alphorn Ensemble Engiadina St. Moritz;
- 5.30 pm pre-race briefing in the hall of the Tourist Office;
- 9.00 pm concert Fanfara dei Bersaglieri “Garibaldina” and Gruppo Alphorn Ensemble Engiadina St. Moritz in Corso Roma;

Sunday 23/06
- 6am opening of the grids;
- 7.30am start;

Routes: 52,96,109 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: F - Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles
Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (AST)

40 Euros

Start Address: Aprica, Lombardia, Italy
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