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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Caleb Ewan crashes out at Bay Crits

Caleb Ewan crashes out at Bay Crits

A surprised Ian Bibby (JLT Condor) beats Jesse Kerrison and Mathew Gibson in final sprint after avoiding crash

Ian Bibby (Condor JLT) just had Jesse Kerrison (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness) to beat after the pair survived a crash containing race favourite Caleb Ewan (Orica-Scott).

A jet-lagged Bibby said "I only arrived in Australia yesterday. I was working for Brenton (Jones) to be honest. "We did a good turn and we had riders in that last straight. Then everyone went really hot into that corner. It was a bit of luck, I suppose that's bike racing."

Kerrison also avoided the crash "One word I probably can't say! I just tried to dodge the boys on the ground. I think I hit Scott Sunderland with my pedal and then I saw Bibby beside me. It was a drag race and I had nothing left."

Cameron Bayly (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness) took the prize for the most aggressive rider. Bayly attacked just before half the race was done, managing to stay out the front of chasing Orica-Scott until two laps to go.

Caleb Ewan who remained the favourite as the catch became inevitable. He broke clear in the final straight, putting the screws on around the corner, Ewan fell.

"I’m not exactly sure what happened,” Ewan said in a team statement. “I have hit that corner so many times in exactly the same way, if not faster, and haven’t had an issue.”

“It’s frustrating to be in that position, wanting to deliver for the team who chased all race to support me, and to crash."

“But, there’s no major damage, just a bit of skin. There are more days to come, so we will keep trying.”

That's bike racing."

VIDEO: Stage 1 - Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic


Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic, Elite Men Stage 1 Results

1. 26 Ian BIBBY (Condor JLT)     58:31 
2. 12 Jesse KERRISON (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)     +0 
3. 84 Mathew GIBSON (Condor)     +2 
4. 16 Cameron BAYLY (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)     +4 
5. 13 Anthony GIACOPPO (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)     +4 
6. 34 Patrick LANE (VTWO Team)     +4 
7. 42 Samuel SPOKES (Total Rush)     +4 
8. 76 Alistair DONOHOE (GTR)     +4 
9. 24 Ali SLATER (Condor JLT)     +9 
10. 11 Scott SUNDERLAND (IsoWhey Sports SwissWellness)     +12 
11. 22 Ed CLANCY (Condor JLT)     +14 
12. 55 Matt ROBERTSON (Maker Flanders)     +16 
13. 35 Robbie HUCKER (VTWO Team)     +16 
14. 81 Robert MCCARTHY (Condor)     +19 
15. 31 Nathan HAAS (VTWO Team)     +28 
16. 21 Brenton JONES (Condor JLT)     +39 
17. 1 Caleb EWAN (Orica Scott)     +51
((L-R) Matthew Gibson, Ian Bibby and Matthew Gibson on the podium after stage 1