2021 Bike and Beers Series - The Most Fun on Two Wheels!
United States >> CampoVelo celebrates with three day VirtualVelo!

CampoVelo celebrates with three day VirtualVelo!

It was with great disappointment that this year's CampoVelo had to postpone until 2021 due to current public health restrictions

CampoVelo celebrates with three day VirtualVelo!

You'll hear from Clif Bar & Company CEOs Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, Olympic Cyclist Katerina Nash, Former Pro-Cyclist Lucas Euser, and a host of our crazy-fun Chefs including Jeff Mahin, Chris Kollar, John McConnell, Kara Lind, and their every own, Chris Cosentino.

In case you missed the 3 days of VirtualVelo, they're sharing the links at CampoVelo.com/live

Clif Family Winemaker Laura Barrett provided some important wine tips for you too - and don't forget to take advantage of Clif Family's special wine set at a reduced rate.

Special offers for everyone include 44 days of free trials by Wahoo/Sufferfest.

And last but not least, and most importantly, CampoVelo is dedicated to supporting No Kid Hungry and the Napa Valley Vine Trail. No Kid Hungry is working hard to support our nation's food insecurity issues. Each day, more and more articles and statistics come out about how food insecurity has increased in our country. 

For more information, visit https://www.nokidhungry.org

Adventure Awaits Gift Set!

Ship a little bit of Napa Valley and Clif Family to your door step.

CampoVelo participants receive a 20% discount and complimentary shipping. Use CODE CFWVELO to redeem and your 20% discount is eligible for purchases through May 31st. (Single Vineyard bottlings do not apply.)


From Wahoo

To help all of you thrive during this challenging time, we've created a series of ALL IN training plans. These comprehensive, structured 4-week training plans are designed specifically to be done indoors; to help improve your overall fitness, learn new mental training skills, and build a foundation for further development. We've created 4 different options:

- Cycling-focused Plans
- Multisport-focused Plans
- Yoga and Strength Training Plans
- Yoga Badge Collector Plans

We want all athletes to take advantage of these 4-week plans. For anyone without a Sufferfest account, we created the promo code ALLINSUFPLAN, which gives new users 30 days free in addition to the standard 14-day free trial. thesuf.com/ALLIN