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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Finsterwald and Jackson fastest at BWR California

Finsterwald and Jackson fastest at BWR California

Russell Finsterwald (Specialized Off-Road) and Heather Jackson (CANYON CLLCTV GRVL) secured victory at this year's Belgian Waffle Ride in California

Over 600 riders took part in this year's Belgian Waffle Ride.

Russell Finsterwald secured his first Belgian Waffle Ride win in California last Sunday, Dutch rider Jasper Ockeloen finished second and last year's BWR champion Alexey Vermeulen finished third. Australian gravel national champion Brenden Johnston was fourth, and MTB Olympian Howard Grotts rounded out the top five.

Photo: 2023 Belgian Waffle Ride California Men's Podium, credit @belgianwaffleride

In the women's race, Heather Jackson (CANYON CLLCTV GRVL) won in a time of 6h 55m 44.40s ahead of Flavia Oliveira (Parks) EXCEL SPORTS P/B SPECIALIZEDand Paige Onweller Trek Driftless/ABUS/WTB/HED in third. Isabel King was fourth and Rebecca Fahringer (Kona Maxxis Shimano) was fifth.

38-year-old Heather Jackson, a former pro triathlete celebrated her first win in the Gravel Fondo genre and said afterwards, “it's the biggest win of my career!”. The Canyon CLLCTV GRVL rider took the lead early on in the race closely followed by Rebecca Fahringer and Whitney Allison. 

In the wafer ride Amy Charity (SBT GRVL) was fastest in a time of 5h 01m 40 ahead of Leah Roberts (IRACELIKEAGIRL) 10m behind in second place and Eire Chen (Virginia's Blue Ridge TWENTY24) 13 minutes behind in third place.

In the men's wafer ride Brian McCulloch was fastest in a time of 4h 07m ahead of Dylan Dahlquist 6m behind in second and Jake Magee (Vantage Racing) 8m behinf in third place.

Photo: 2023 Belgian Waffle Ride California Women's Podium, credit @belgianwaffleride

Link to 2023 Belgian Waffle Ride California Results:

2023 Belgian Waffle Ride California Men's Top 10

1- Russell Finsterwald, 5:59:38
2- Jasper Ockeloen, 6:02:25
3- Alexey Vermeulen, 6:03:15
4- Brenden Johnston, 6:04:46
5- Howard Grotts, 6:06:37
6- Alex Howes, 6:07:42
7- Peter Stetina, 6:09:18
8- Griffin Easter, 6:10:05
9- Robert Britton, 6:13:07
10- Ian Lopez de San Roman, 6:14:06

2023 Belgian Waffle Ride California Women's Top 10

1- Heather Jackson CANYON CLLCTV GRVL 6h 55m
2-  Flavia Oliveira (Parks) EXCEL SPORTS P/B SPECIALIZED 7h 05m 
3-  Paige Onweller Trek Driftless/ABUS/WTB/HED 7h 17m 
4-  Isabel King 7h 20m 
5-  Rebecca Fahringer Kona Maxxis Shimano 7h 27m
6-  Sarah Max Argonaut Cycles 7h 28m 
7-  Cecily Decker 7h 39m
8-  Hannah Shell Vantage Racing 7h 46m 
9-  Morgan Aguirre 7h 48m 
10- Chelsee Pummel Rockford/Owenhouse 8h 01m 

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