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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Ex-pro Tom Danielson has Finger Amputated To Fight Agressive Cancer

Ex-pro Tom Danielson has Finger Amputated To Fight Agressive Cancer

2006 La Vuelta a España stage winner Tom Danielson is fighting yet the biggest battle of his life; against cancer. The 45-year-old American sadly had to have his left-hand middle finger amputated

Ex-pro Tom Danielson has Finger Amputated To Fight Agressive Cancer

The former Garmin Sharp rider still keeps a positive approach despite the tough times he's facing.

45 year-old Danielson received terrible news not so long ago: a tumor was discovered in the former rider's hand. This month, Danielson went under the knife, amputating his middle finger and finger joint.

He has to rehabilitate for about two months after this major operation.

Danielson said doctors initially removed a tumor on the finger, and after discovering it was cancerous, decided to amputate, “I had a tumor removed off my finger, which ended up being a rare kind of cancer that comes from the sweat gland in the finger. It is aggressive in that it keeps coming back if you don’t get rid of all of it, and it can spread to the lungs,” Danielson said, “It was a bit of a wake up call for me.”

His pinky, ring, and index fingers were then moved closer together. “These fingers can now take over the functions of my missing middle finger. That's actually pretty cool," Danielson can still laugh. “I am especially happy that everything went well. I am still tired and in a lot of pain.”

Danielson can now cycle a bit again. “But for now only on the reels. I'm not allowed to use my hand for anything for now. I can't brake yet, my hand needs time to heal. These are of course difficult days, but I am not gonna give up. I want to thank everyone for the support,” he said.

Danielson has been tracking his progress in a series of social media posts and released a podcast chronicling his journey, “I’m really happy about everything,” Danielson said. “I feel like this is a big step in the right direction. I still have to get scans and checked out. I am feeling really good, really strong. I have to stay on top of it.”

Danielson raced from 2002 to 2015, with many teams including Mercury, Saturn, Fassa Bortolo, Discovery Channel, and the Slipstream/Garmin. Danielson won 11 races across his pro career, including a stage at the 2006 Vuelta a Espana, two titles at the Tour of Utah, and finished in top-10 in four grand tours, with sixth in the 2006 Vuelta and eighth in the 2011 Tour de France.

Since retiring, Danielson has been working as a professional coach with his company Cinch Cycling.

Danielson said he’s already been riding the stationary bike and he hopes his experience can help others, “Honestly, the last month has been pretty challenging for me,” Danielson wrote. “It is one thing to run a business and a family, but it’s another thing to realize how big of a role you play in those two things and feel vulnerable. I have always been so focused on being a father and a business owner, but I have not thought once about how my health plays a role into it.”

Click here for a link to his latest podcast.