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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> 180 Triathletes bikes seized from TriBike Transport after race in Spain

180 Athletes Bikes Seized from TriBike Transport after Triathlon World Championship race in Spain

Hundreds of Bikes Remain Confiscated by Cargo Company who are owed $300,000 in unpaid invoices, Triathletes are fuming!

180 Athletes Bikes Seized from TriBike Transport after Triathlon World Championship race in Spain

TriBike Transport (TBT) found itself in the clasp of a sports drama with the plot twists of legal showdowns completed with unpaid voices. Embroiled in a legal dispute involving Horizon Entertainment Cargo, its contracted cargo company, the performance of the cyclists remains uncertain.

The financial dispute resulted in withholding the shipment of 180 bikes returning from the triathlon World Championship race in Pontevedra, Spain. Valued at over a million dollars, the hostage of the bikes has raised concerns among the triathlon community and the cyclists. 

The conflict between the cargo company and TBT centers around unpaid invoices totaling $300,000 for their services during the triathlon races in Lahti, Finland, and Nice, France. A lawsuit has also been filed against TBT, as the company asserted its right to seize the cycles as per the lien rights. 

However, TBT is trying to maintain his professionalism within the cycling community and assures the athletes through an email. As reported by Cycling Weekly the email sent by TBT states, “The situation you may have heard about with Pontevedra bikes does not, and will not, affect the service for your bike if you are returning from [the Ironman World Championship in Kona] or Ironman Florida, or if you are going to Ironman Arizona or Ironman Cozumel.”

The lawsuit adds a complex touch to the situation, revealing the concerning clause that if the outstanding invoices are not settled within the next 30 days, the cargo company has the right to sell off the bikes. As a result of this, the cyclists dread that they might lose their prized possessions amidst this legal battle.

In response to actions performed by Horizon Entertainment Cargo, with the assistance of the North Carolina court, TBT has secured a temporary restraining order. However, the geographical disconnect that arises because the bikes are stored in Chicago raises questions about the uncertainty of the legal maneuver. 

A key partner of the Ironman brand, amidst the conviction game, TBT stated that their attempts to negotiate the outstanding invoice values to release the cycles of the Spain shipment have turned out to be futile. However, the TBT owners refuse to take bankruptcy, and now banks are “restructuring” the business.

As reported by Triathlon Magazine, although no events are listed in 2024, the list for 2023 races goes long, with the 70.3 races in Indian Wells and Florida scheduled for this weekend. Even though TBT ensured that cyclists had hope despite the ongoing turmoil surrounding the Pontevedra bike shipment, their reputation is at stake. 

The threat of cycle confiscation by the Horizon Entertainment cargo adds a layer of anxiety for athletes dependent on the transport services and entrusts them with their prized possessions. Even though the outcome of the legal dispute that TBT is undergoing is yet to be revealed, it will shape its landscape in the triathlon industry.