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BWR Tripel Crown of Gravel kicked off last weekend in Arizona

Sofia Gomez Villafane and Keegan Swenson took the top places in Cave Creek Arizona at the first round of the 2024 series with over $25,500 up for grabs!

Hold onto your handlebars, the 2024 Gravel Racing Season kicked off last week in Cave Creek Arizona with Sofia Gomez Villafane and Keegan Swenson taking the top steps. 

2024 BWR Arizona women's podium:  Geerike Schreurs 4th, Haley Smith 2nd,  Sofia Gomez Villafane 1st, Alexis Skarda 3rd, Jenna Rinehart 5th

Photo: 2024 BWR Arizona women's podium:  Geerike Schreurs 4th, Haley Smith 2nd,  Sofia Gomez Villafane 1st, Alexis Skarda 3rd, Jenna Rinehart 5th

Brace yourselves, Coureurs, because Monuments of Cycling is about to drop the cobblestone with the next two stops of the Tripel Crown of Gravel Series, nestled snugly within the colossal BWR Series—aka the grandest and fondest of all gravel extravaganzas—with seven events in North America.

2024 BWR Arizona men's podium: Zach Calton 4th, Lance Haidet 2nd,  Keegan Swenson 1st, Torbjorn Andre Roed 3rd, Kyle Trudeau 5th

Photo: 2024 BWR Arizona men's podium: Zach Calton 4th, Lance Haidet 2nd,  Keegan Swenson 1st, Torbjorn Andre Roed 3rd, Kyle Trudeau 5th

If you didn’t join the masses at BWR AZ, you can still just do BWR UT or BWR CA (or both).

(Hand pointing to the horizon) Picture this: the Tripel Crown is the ultimate showdown for the gods of gravel racing and those who worship them. It's a three-event rowdy rollercoaster of grit and glory, smashing through vastly different gravel playgrounds – The Desert Daydreams, The Mountain Meadows, The Coastal Canyons. Kicking off in full-blown Spring Classic mode, Americana style, with not one, not two, but three grand events crammed into seven wild weeks of dirty debauchery.

This is the all-new Tripel Crown of Gravel and up next is the Fifth Annual BWR Utah (April 6), and the granddaddy of them all—the 13th Annual BWR California (April 28). It's like the Holy Trinity of Gravel, only completely irreverent.

Why, you ask? Because the Tripel Crown is Monuments of Cycling’s coups de maître, giving you—whether you're a pro with thighs of carbon or a weekend warrior with a penchant for pedaling perversity—the chance to tackle three decidedly different, incredibly beautiful courses all in the confines of one glorious Spring. It's the perfect cocktail of recovery and fitness gains, served with a heaping side of epinephrine and, yep, lots of waffles and beer.

Gravel pro Pete Stetina (Canyon Waffeleurs & Ale drinkeurs) leads the breakway at 2024 BWR Arizona

Photo: Gravel pro Pete Stetina (Canyon Waffeleurs & Ale drinkeurs) leads the breakway at 2024 BWR Arizona 

And for those eyeing the prize purse (gravel gods, we're looking at you), the stakes are high. The BWR California will be the ultimate decider, carrying extra weighted points to settle the score. Get ready for the showdown at North City in San Marcos, CA, on April 28, 2024, where glory awaits the victors in myriad categories. Cue the epic showdown music… While there is prize money on the line for each event, the Tripel Crown Series has its own prize purse for the top five men and women pros with combined total of $25,500.

But wait (while you wait) there's more! The BWRs aren't just races; they're a wild concoction of 'unroad' madness. Inspired by the great European Spring Classics, these events are hailed as 'the most unique cycling events in the world.' Picture gravel, single track, sand, rocks, water crossings, cyclocross features, and even a splash of asphalt thrown in for good measure. It's cycling, but not as you know it. It's the perfect blend of pain, pleasure, and some serious bragging rights, should you finish.

And because they're not just a pretty race, Monuments of cycling presents the BWR Unroad Expos at each event—a two-day Belgian bender where the cycling community gathers to revel in the Belgian bliss. Discover the latest cycling designs, products, and promotions while feasting on culinary delights, with Belgian waffle, frites and ale topping the menu all weekend. There will also be family fun for all with vendors of all variety on hand to lend to the pageantry endemic to the BWR.

Ready to join the gravel gravitation? Hit Monuments of Cycling up here if you're hungry for more details or the best Belgian waffle recipe. It's going to be a ride or three to remember! Make yours a Tripel!

Register for the entire Tripel Crown of Gravel here or click the button below.

Register for BWR Utah here and Register for BWR California here.

2024 BWR Arizona Results

Waffle Men Top 10

1st Keegan Swenson Santa Cruz Bicycles/SRAM 5h 09m 55.03s
2nd Lance Haidet Specialized/SRAM/Velocio 5h 12m 19.87s
3rd Torbjorn Andre Roed Trek | Driftless 5h 14m 44.18s
4th Zach Calton Ventum 5h 15m 04.43s
5th Kyle Trudeau Slow twitch Goodlife Racing 5h 16m 36.77s
6th Peter Stetina Canyon Waffeleurs & Ale drinkeurs 5h 16m 41.13s
7th Sean Bennett Team Mike's Bikes pb Equator 5h 18m 39.40s
8th Howard Grotts Specialized Off-Road 5h 20m 14.37s
9th Todd Wells TWL 5h 22m 09.66s
10th Alexey Vermeulen ENVE/Q+M 5h 23m 41.95s

Waffle Women Top 10

1st Sofia Gomez Villafane Specialized Off-Road 5h 53m 22.04s
2nd Haley Smith Trek Driftless 5h 54m 47.26s
3rd Alexis Skarda Santa Cruz Bicycles 6h 00m 28.03s
4th Geerike Schreurs Specialized - SD Worx 6h 04m 39.20s
5th Jenna Rinehart Mazda Orange Seal/Specialized 6h 08m 53.56s
6th Cecily Decker Scuderia Pinarello 6h 11m 06.53s
7th Michaela Thompson Orange Seal/Specialized 6h 14m 07.06s
8th Courtney Sherwell  6h 16m 12.86s
9th Ellen Campbell Specialized, Rapha, Tailwind, Domestique Coffee 6h 20m 58.06s
10th Heather Jackson CANYON CLLCTV GRVL 6h 20m 58.78s

Wafer Men Top 10

1st Zac Petruska Bicycle Haus 3h 37m 24.22s
2nd Eric Stephen Baghouse 3h 37m 25.27s
3rd Jonathan Dufek Bicycle Haus 3h 37m 27.20s
4th David Welsh Jetset Racing 3h 40m 13.19s
5th Tim Racette McDowell Mountain Cycles 3h 40m 40.38s
6th Blane Maddox Outspoke 3h 46m 47.47s
7th Quinn Travis Confluence 928 Off Road Team 3h 47m 03.31s
8th Zane Koogler The Table Homeschool Academy 3h 47m 53.60s
9th Arlo Waisman Neff Cycle Service 3h 47m 55.15s
10th Daniel Cherkis Dialed Health 3h 47m 59.63s

Wafer Women Top 10

1st Cecile Lejeune CCB p/b LLG 3h 53m 17.59s
2nd Amanda Felder  4h 01m 36.00s
3rd Hannah Shell Vantage Racing 4h 01m 36.54s
4th Julie Momber Bikesmith/ Bissel ABG 4h 07m 17.51s
5th Kylie De Jager Baghouse 4h 08m 03.65s
6th Erica Clevenger Go4Graham 4h 14m 42.94s
7th Brianne Kwasny  4h 23m 40.26s
8th Caitlyn Kellogg State Bicycle 4h 32m 33.24s
9th Rachel Holzer MaDDog racing 4h 38m 26.06s
10th Brooke Saunders  4h 46m 25.07s

Wanna Open Top 10

1st 4135 Pedro Gomes Caffeine & Watts 2h 06m 20.89s
2nd 4003 Lisa Becharas Real Triathlon Squad 2h 09m 52.22s
3rd 4008 Trevor Hall Boulder Junior Cycling 2h 15m 24.13s
4th 4095 Steve Pecevich  2h 17m 44.98s
5th 4121 David Carriere Carlos Obriens 2h 20m 18.86s
6th 4131 Mitchell Andrus QEJA SOCKS 2h 20m 19.01s
7th 4115 Michael Vernon  2h 25m 10.08s
8th 4108 Mike Spencer WeRide4 2h 27m 58.63s
9th 4107 Diana Spencer WeRide4 2h 27m 58.75s
10th 4077 Soren Jefferies  2h 28m 25.90s

For the full 2024 BWR Arizona results, please visit:

2024 BWR Arizona Photo Gallery

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