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VIDEO: Col Collective Chases Volcanoes on La Palma

From sea level to 2,426m and with 2,590m elevation gain, Tourmalet, Ventoux, Stelvio step aside, it’s time for Roque de los Muchachos!

Today we're chasing volcanoes on the stunningly beautiful island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. From sea level to 2,426m elevation there's no doubt that Roque de los Muchachos is an absolute monster! Not only is it the highest road in the whole of the Canary Islands, but with 2,590m elevation gain it out trumps even the most prestigious European climbs. Tourmalet, Ventoux and Stelvio step aside, it's time for Muchachos!


Departing Santa Cruz de La Palma and we're faced with a massive 41.8 kilometres of climbing ahead. This can be a daunting prospect in itself, so soak up the early morning sun and enjoy the colourful buildings and cute cobbled streets that make the capital city the perfect start for a wild island adventure!


Nicknamed "La Isla Bonita" La Palma is covered in lush green pine forests with ancient trees that will leave you energised and in awe as you pass. Stay focused, as you emerge the landscape starts to appear otherworldly.

Fortunately the gradient remains at a consistent 6-8%, rarely topping double figures, allowing you to enjoy the magnitude and splendour of the Caldera de Taburiente volcanic crater that dominates the centre of the island.
As the air thins there's absolutely no guessing why the stargazing is so good at this altitude. Home to some of the biggest telescopes in the world, the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory is an astronomical masterpiece and means we're tantalisingly close to the summit!
My first time in La Palma and I'm so glad to be able to bring such a spectacular climb to life for you. If you have the opportunity to visit then I wholeheartedly recommend it. Not only for the climb itself but when the sun finally sets a whole new world in the sky comes alive right before your eyes!   
Special thanks to our partners Exposure Lights and Ketone-IQ for helping with the production of this video. If you'd like to like to support The Col Collective and help us to create more of this content please consider making a donation to keep the rubber on the road and cameras rolling.
We hope that you enjoyed our wild adventure in La Palma and look forward to riding with you again soon. Until the next time, be safe!

Mike Cotty

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