e-Fondo Florida Kick-starts National e-Fondo Series

Registration is FREE! Dust off your trainer and get ready for the Cheaha e-Fondo on Sunday January 16th, take part, keep fit, and be eligible for podium awards and raffle prizes!

The 2nd annual GFNS e-Fondo series by Gran Fondo National Series (GFNS) has started, the first round based on Gran Fondo Florida, a distance of 37.7 miles and 1,663 feet of climbing and four timed sections.

Each of the 11 races has 3 start times in 6 time zones across North America, the UK and Europe allowing a huge audience of cyclists the opportunity to take part.

The e-format is akin to the in-person experience, where riders can pace themselves, ride in a group and go “full gas” on the four timed-sections where the fastest time counts towards the podium prizes.

There are age group and overall podium awards for each individual event as well as the cumulative series. Riders will also be automatically entered in Prize Raffles for chances to win products from series sponsors. There will be separate prize raffles for each event, so the more events riders enter, the more chances they have to win!

The E-Fondo Series runs from January 9, 2022 through February 27, 2022 with multiple opportunities for riders to compete on each course, and the opportunity to qualify for the 2022 USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championship event, presented by Applewood Manor, in Asheville, North Carolina on July 17, 2022.

The e-Fondo series culminates with the e-Series Championship on Sunday Feb 27th.

So register today for a free RGT account and get your legs ready to ride before the Cheaha e-Fondo begins On Sunday February 16th!

Registration is FREE! Dust off your trainer and get ready for the Cheaha e-Fondo on Sunday!

e-Fondo Florida Results

Gregg O'Malley from the UK was fastest overall in a time of 1h 8m 6s ahead of Daniel Yankus from the USA and Kurt Nørum Pedersen from Sweden.

In the women's race, Amy Phillips from the USA was fastest in a time of 1h 18m 59s ahead of Heather Haviland from the USA and Karen Read from Canada.

Please go to: https://my.raceresult.com/189076 for the full results including overall, gender and age categories.

Please go to: https://www.granfondonationalseries.com/2022-efondo-results for the series results.

2022 e-Fondo Series Calendar

The schedule of events offers both Wednesday and Sunday opportunities for riders to complete events.



Distance & Climbing

Sun Jan 9th

e-Fondo Florida

37.7 miles 1,663 ft

Sun Jan 16th

Cheaha e-Fondo

27.9 miles 3,938 ft

Wed Jan 19th

e-Fondo Georgia

26.7 miles 3,800 ft

Sun Jan 23rd

Highlands e-Fondo

35.4 miles 2,717 ft

Sun Jan 30th

Cache e-Fondo

31.3 miles 433 ft

Sun Feb 6th

e-Fondo Asheville

31.5 miles 3,232 ft

Web Feb 9th

e-Fondo Boone

23.7 miles 2,438 ft

Sun Feb 13th

e-Fondo Golden

26.6 miles 3,200 ft

Wed Feb 16th

e-Fondo Maryland

30 miles 2,779 ft

Sun Feb 20

Jensie e-Fondo

27.3 miles 4,440 ft

Sun Feb 27th

e-Series Championship

31.5 miles 3,232 ft


The RGT platform provides realistic racing where working in a group, drafting and real-time race tactics come into play.

Gran Fondo National Series Event Director, Reuben Kline, chose to create the E-Fondo Series with RGT because of the simulator’s focus on realistic rider dynamics. In a head-to-head comparison with Zwift, cycling website Cyclingnews.com noted RGT “is more realistic… thanks to its in-game physics that, in addition to drafting, also include cornering and bunch positioning.”

Kline added, “We wanted the indoor and outdoor experiences of courses to be as similar as possible, and realistic in-game physics is what RGT does best. They were also excited to integrate our timed-section competition format, complete with on-screen graphics and tracking rider results over multiple events.

The schedule of events offers both weekday and weekend opportunities for riders to compete on each course. “The E-Fondo Series is open to riders around the world, so we are providing dates and start times to accommodate a wide range of time zones,” said Kline.

e-Fondo Series Ride Guide

The E-Fondo Series Rider Guide contains all the information you need to get started, including:

- How to get started with RGT Cycling app

- Event profiles and timed segments

- Event schedule filtered by time zone

- Qualification criteria for E-Series Championship

- Competition details, including age groups

- Raffle Prize information

Reserve Your Place Now

It’s time to reserve your spot in the peloton for specific events!

Firstly, Register To Win Raffle Prizes & Claim Podium Awards on the e-Fondo Series page.

Start time links are on the e-Fondo Series page under the event schedule. Scroll down to the start time links, choose your event, and click on the start time link, which will open on the RGT Cycling website on your mobile device or computer. Log in to RGT Cycling and click SIGN UP on the screen that displays the event you’ve chosen. Make sure you have the free RGT Cycling app on your phone or mobile device.

The E-Fondo Series is being run in addition to the full calendar of Gran Fondo National Series outdoor events.

For full information and how to signup, please visit: https://www.granfondonationalseries.com/e-fondo-series


e-Fondo Florida Kick-starts National e-Fondo Series

Karen Read


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