Sponsor Benefits for SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series Riders

It takes a small army to put on a series of cycling events around the country, and GFNS are proud to the have the support of many of the best brands in cycling -- for awards, prizes and the legendary raffles!

Sponsor Benefits for SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series Riders

They chose their sponsor relationships to enhance rider experience before, during, and after events. For 2022, here are some of the benefits you will receive from sponsors at owned events.

SUAREZ Cycling Apparel

SUAREZ is the title sponsor for the Gran Fondo National Series. We are proud to award custom cycling kits from SUAREZ to all Gran Route age group winners at each of our owned events. In addition, Suarez awards a Series kit for the “Mid Pack Attack” winner. All riders who participate in the USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championship event will also receive a commemorative jersey compliments of SUAREZ.

Industry Nine

Manufactured and handbuilt in Asheville, NC , each i9 product is made with you and your ride in mind. With an array of fitment options, the highest performing hubs, wheel systems and components, and 11 custom color options, they have the part and color to dial your ride.

Industry Nine supplies road wheels for mechanical support during SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series events, and riders have opportunities to win I9 hubsets at all Series events.

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness revolutionized indoor cycling with its original KICKR smart trainer and has continued innovating ever since. They are now an industry leader in GPS head units, GPS watches, smart trainers and associated accessories, pedals, and a pedal-based power meter.

Wahoo Fitness is the Official Results Partner of Gran Fondo National Series. All riders are eligible to win a Wahoo smart trainer or Wahoo ELEMNT Rival mulisport GPS watch in the Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

Cane Creek

Based on Fletcher, North Carolina, Cane Creek Components has been making innovative and top-quality bicycle components for more than 30 years. They are one of the most enduring partners of Gran Fondo National Series.

All participants have the opportunity to win Cane Creek components through the Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in 1987 by Brian Frank. Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge, and service to health conscious athletes all over the world. Over the years, the product line has grown from fuels & supplements to now include clothing, body care products, EMS units, accessories, and more.

Hammer Nutrition is our most enduring partner and has been supporting Gran Fondo National Series since our very first event in 2012. Hammer supplies sports nutrition products available at all aid stations during SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series events.

Ride with GPS

Get Inspired, Not Lost

We are thrilled to have Ride with GPS in the Gran Fondo National Series family! Ride with GPS offers the world’s best route planning and navigation software and their easy-to-use mobile app will now be your one stop shop for all the details of your Series events - from itineraries, to routes, and timely notifications along the way.

All participants have the opportunity to win a Premium Ride with GPS annual subscription during the Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

Stay & Ride with Garda Bike Hotel in Italy

Established in 2005, Garda Bike Hotel is the first and original bike hotel located in the south of Lake Garda & Verona, offering customized services for all cyclo-tourists. Brothers Alberto and Nicola have created unforgettable, quality, tailored cycling holidays in Italy with daily guided bike tours / excursions along a variety of flat, hilly and mountainous routes, for all levels of riders, from recreational to competitive.

SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series riders can win a 4-night stay at Garda Bike Hotel during any Series event. We also collaborate with Garda Bike Hotel to offer cycling experience of a lifetime, where anyone can join our founder and director Reuben Kline for memorable times on the bike.

Stay & Ride with Movich Cycling in Colombia

Movich Hotels is a Colombian hospitality group devoted to delivering high-end experiences for travelers while immersing them in the local flavor and unique cultural identity of the regions in which they operate. Movich Hotels in Colombia has partnered with EK Cycling to offer customized services for cyclists.

All event participants have the opportunity to win a Movich Cycling trip through the Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event, as well as discounts on trips. Movich Cycling will host a “Recovery Zone” for riders at the finish area of select events, complete with Air Relax recovery boots. Gran Fondo National Series is collaborating with Movich Cycling to offer a cycling trip on Colombia Oct 28 to Nov 6, 2022 where riders have an opportunity to join our Founder and Event Director, Reuben Kline, for a unique cultural exploration on bikes.

Lazer Helmets

After more than 100 years in the business of making cycling helmets, Lazer is still innovating and producing some of the world’s lightest, safest, and most aerodynamic helmets.

All participants have the opportunity to win a Lazer Helmet through the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.


Shimano designs and manufactures cycling components found on everything from children’s bikes to Gran Tour winner’s machines. Their ubiquitous blue cars are also a mainstay at races around the world, providing neutral support for competitors.

Shimano Neutral Support will be assisting Gran Fondo National Series riders at select events in 2022. All participants have the opportunity to win Shimano components through the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

Swiftwick Socks

Based out of Franklin, Tennessee, Swiftwick is an international brand developing performance socks for all of your adventures. All Swiftwick products are made in the USA using the most sustainable practices available. They believe in giving back and partnering with organizations that share their mission.

SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series riders have multiple opportunities to win Swiftwick socks throughout the season. You can also save 25% on Swiftwick socks at any time using the code: GRANFONDO25 at checkout.

Hub Labels

Hub Labels produces a wide range of graphics and products for the Series. In your event packet you will find frame stickers from Hub Labels with information on the course profile and locations for timed segments and aid stations.

Hub Labels also provides great swag items such as socks, cycling caps, water bottles, musettes, and other items to our riders.


UNDRBUDR is the official anti-chafe product for the Gran Fondo National Series. Made from all-natural ingredients, UNDRBUDR will make any day on the bike more comfortable. After your ride, use their Muscle Recovery products to relieve soreness and get you ready for your next ride.

Product samples are included in rider packets at all events, and all participants have the opportunity to win UNDRBUDR products through the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event. You can save 20% on UNDRBDR products (chamois cream and recovery products, limit 2 per customer) using code GFNS2022 at checkout. 

Applewood Manor

The Applewood Manor in Asheville, North Carolina is the Presenting Sponsor for Gran Fondo Asheville and the Gran Fondo National Championships event. Prior to the July 17 event, guided group rides will start and finish at the Manor. On event weekend, Applewood Manor will be hosting VIP activities. Schedule and details coming soon.


BikeFlights is an easy-to-use bicycle shipping service and a supplier of easy-to-pack bike shipping boxes. Riders get low costs, excellent service and on-time delivery with every shipment as part of their Best Way Guarantee.

BikeFlights.com assists our riders with easy, reliable bike shipping options to our great destinations. All participants have the opportunity to win Bikeflights.com Travel Vouchers through the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

Jittery Joe's Coffee

Jittery Joe’s has a long history in cycling. The Athens, Georgia coffeehouse sponsored a professional cycling team from 2002 to 2008 and has been a supporter of the sport for far longer. Jittery Joe’s coffee perks up the Gran Fondo National Series crew so we can get the venue set up and get you on your way.

All participants have the opportunity to win Jittery Joe's coffee through the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

USA Cycling

USA Cycling is the governing body for cycling in the United States. In 2020, Gran Fondo National Series and USA Cycling established a partnership that integrated the Gran Fondo National Championships into the portfolio of Official USA Cycling National Championship events.

USA Cycling Members get an automatic registration discount when they sign up through Bikereg.com.

RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling is the Official Esports Partner of Gran Fondo National Series. In 2022, the second annual E-Fondo Series on RGT Cycling featured 10 events. Through results and participation, riders could qualify for the E-Fondo Series Championship event and earn up to 10 tickets for a chance to win prizes from Series sponsors in the E-Fondo Series Raffle.

Capua Law

Capua Law is the Presenting Sponsor of Gran Fondo Florida and a long-time supporter of the Gran Fondo National Series. The Boone Gran Fondo starts and finishes around the corner from their office in Boone, North Carolina.

Capua Law has been integral to the success of the Series. Ownership of the Series has changed hands twice in the past five years and since inception of the series we’ve had many contractual relationships. Since 2013 Capua Law’s representation has ensured smooth transitions and continuity in our operations.


CTS is the Official Coaching and Training Partner of Gran Fondo National Series. Founded in 2000, CTS is one of the largest and most respected endurance coaching organizations, with more than 50 professional coaches.

CTS Athletes have access to discounted entries to Gran Fondo National Series events, and all event participants have the opportunity to win a Trainright Membership through the SUAREZ Gran Fondo National Series raffle at each event.

Solo, Team and Age Group Prizes!

Each seris event features professional chip timing keeps track of every rider on course and allows riders to compete for the best combined time through up to 4 timed sections on route. Riders can compete solo or as a team, while also regrouping and riding at a more relaxed pace with others between timed sections to and enjoy the views!

There are competitions for overall male and female victories, as well as age group competitions for males and females. The team competition is won with the combined time of a team’s fastest three riders. Bonus seconds are awarded for additional team members who finish, meaning there’s a benefit to bringing a larger team.


Raffle Prizes!

Each GFNS event features a raffle with more than $5,000 of prizes from Series sponsors, and ALL riders are eligible to win. Earn an extra raffle ticket by wearing any Gran Fondo National Series jersey during the event!

The raffle is held after the awards. Raffle winners must be present to win. Great prizes from our sponsors such as:

- 4-night Stay at Garda Bike Hotel in Italy
- Wahoo smart trainer
- Lazer Sphere Mips helmet
- Industry Nine hubset
- Cane Creek components
- Shimano products
- CTS coaching packages
- Swiftwick Socks
- Jittery Joe’s Coffee
- UNDRBUDR anti-chafe cream

(List subject to change)

2022 GFNS Series Calendar

Starting in central Florida on March 20th with the Gran Fondo Florida and returning to California to finish the season with the Jensie Gran Fondo in the fall, the 2022 Gran Fondo National Series includes eight events:

Gran Fondo Florida, p/b Capua Law  

March 20, 2022  

San Antonio, FL

Team Type 1 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo  

April 16, 2022  

Helen, GA

Highlands Gran Fondo  

June 5, 2022  

Butler, NJ

Gran Fondo Asheville, p/b Applewood Manor

July 17, 2022  

Asheville, NC

Boone Gran Fondo  

August 7, 2022  

Boone, NC

Golden Gran Fondo  

August 28, 2022  

Golden, CO

Gran Fondo Maryland  

September 18, 2022 

Frederick, MD

Jensie Gran Fondo  

September 2022  

San Francisco, CA


About the Gran Fondo National Series

The Gran Fondo National Series was established in 2012 as the Gran Fondo National Championship Series by Reuben Kline, who has more than 25 years of experience in the cycling industry. The Series is comprised of 8 European-style rides staged across the United States. Part personal challenge, part serious competition, the Suarez Gran Fondo National Series leads riders through country roads with challenging climbs and incredible scenery on some of the most beautiful courses in North America.

The Series has successfully coordinated more than 75 Gran Fondos across the nation, serving more than 25,000 participants.

For more information, or to register for an event, go to www.granfondonationalseries.com.

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