12th Annual Highlands Gran Fondo Sells Out for a Fourth Year in a Row

Rated one of the best Gran Fondos in North America, the 12th edition SOLD OUT again with 1,000 riders. 23 groups of friends combined for the team competition, all in beautiful weather in upstate NJ, just 30 minutes from NYC

12th Annual Highlands Gran Fondo Sells for a Fourth Year in a Row!

Temperatures of 70F, sunny skies and very light winds made for a perfect day as a thousand riders left Butler, NJ to experience riding through High Point State Park across the NY/NJ state line.

And yet, even with a record number of riders on course, riders experienced one of the smoothest editions of Highlands Gran Fondo’s 12-year history.

The 103 mile Granfondo contained 8,900 feet of climbing with 4 timed segments for riders to race. Nick Glavac (Willoughby OH) was fastest in a time of 43m 20s ahead of Tom Corrigan (Newtown CT) 1 second behind and Matan Sopher (Tucson AZ) 3 seconds behind.

In the women’s Granfondo, Liza Ray (Hillsborough NJ) was fastest in a time of 48m 34s ahead of Nataly Moreno (East Elmhurst NY) in second 1m 21s behind and Claudia Cortinez (Brooklyn NY) in third 1m 56s behind.

The 63 mile Medio Fondo packed in 4,400 feet of climbing and three timed sections. Eziel Hernandez (Levittown NY) was fastest in a time of 24m 40s ahead of Daniel Wilson (Montreal QC) 27s behind and Kris Judd 50s behind in third place.

In the women’s Medio Fondo, Amelia Buchanan was fastest in a time of 38m 4s ahead of Corin James (Washington DC) in second 18s behind and Beatriz Vanegas (Teaneck NJ) in third place 3m 36s behind.

The 36 mile Piccolo Fondo contained 2,600 feet of climbing and just one timed section. Rachel Liberatore (Huntington NY) was fastest in a time of 33m 39s ahead of Tim Doyle (Johnson City NY) 1m 2s behind and Nicholas Cornell (Plano TX) in third place 1m 19s behind.

An amazing 23 teams of three riders took part in the team competition on the Gran Fondo course. Team Solutions Cycling consisting of (Dan Montgomery, Justin Afflitto and Steve Dalby) were the fastest. They narrowly beat team ETP Cycling consisting of (Nick Glavac, Tom Corrigan and Patryk Stolp). Bike4Chai was the third fastest team consisting of (Shlomo Zeilingold, Steven Lacob and Shlomo Vanmessel).

After the ride, the Hammer Nutrition tent was very busy popular, as they handed out their delicious recovery shakes.

Everyone enjoyed the fantastic after-party including Ramstein Beer at High Point Brewing Company, both in and outdoors.

This included the awards ceremony and the legendary raffle with $5,000 worth of prizes given out by series sponsors!

Just over 136 riders qualified for the 2024 USA Cycling Gran Fondo National Championships, to be held during the Gran Fondo Maryland in Frederick, MD on September 15, 2024, by finishing on the podium or in the top 25% of their age category.

2024 Highlands Gran Fondo Results

Gran Fondo Overall Men’s Podium
1st - Nick Glavac (Willoughby OH)
2nd - Tom Corrigan (Newtown CT) +1s
3rd - Matan Sopher (Tucson AZ) +3s

Gran Fondo Overall Women’s Podium
1st - Liza Ray (Hillsborough NJ) 48m 34s
2nd - Nataly Moreno (East Elmhurst NY) +1m 21s
3rd - and Claudia Cortinez (Brooklyn NY) +1m 56s

Medio Fondo Overall Men’s Podium
1st - Eziel Hernandez (Levittown NY) 24m 40s
2nd - Daniel Wilson (Montreal QC) +27s
3rd - Kris Judd +50s

Medio Fondo Overall Women’s Podium
1st - Amelia Buchanan 38m 4s
2nd - Corin James (Washington DC) +18s
3rd - Beatriz Vanegas (Teaneck NJ) +3m 36s

Piccolo Fondo Womens/Mens Overall Podium
1st - Rachel Liberatore (Huntington NY) 33m 39s
2nd - Tim Doyle (Johnson City NY) +1m 2s
3rd - Nicholas Cornell (Plano TX) +1m 19s

Teams Podium
1st - Team Solutions Cycling
2nd - ETP Cycling
3rd - Bike4Chai

Click Here for the full 2024 Highlands Gran Fondo Results and Category Winners: https://www.granfondonationalseries.com/highlands-2024-results

Next Up: Gran Fondo Asheville p/b Applewood Manor

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Key Features for 2024

3 Scenic and Challenging Routes

Starting and finishing at Rabbit Rabbit in downtown Asheville, all three routes feature steep and challenging climbs, quiet country roads, scenic views, and thrilling descents.

100 Mile Gran Route

60 Mile Medio Route

30 Mile Piccolo Route

Ride With Italian Champion Filippo Pozzato

Italian cycling legend Filippo Pozzato, winner of Milan-San Remo and Italian Pro National Championship, is set to ride the 2024 Gran Fondo Asheville. Joining the VIP Experiences at Applewood Manor, participants can interact with Pozzato. Furthermore, Pozzato will showcase the VENEtoGO Social Ride, scheduled for October, during which several members of the Gran Fondo National Series Staff plan on attending.

Applewood Manor VIP Experiences with Filippo Pozzato and Davide Magon

Riders will have multiple opportunities to meet and interact with Filippo Pozzato and Davide Magon, including:

- VIP Dinner at Applewood Manor on Friday, July 14: Hosted by Stephen Collins, owner of Applewood Manor, guests will enjoy a gourmet meal and wine pairings from the Manor’s extensive wine collection.

- VIP Packet Pickup and Cookout at Applewood Manor on Saturday, July 15: Enjoy an evening on the grounds of Applewood Manor with special guests.

- Guided and Supported Recon Ride on Saturday, July 15: Join Filippo Pozzato, Davide Magon, and special guests for a spin to preview parts of the Gran Fondo Asheville course.

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