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Cloud Gravel Invitational

June 14 2024
Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico
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Distances: 50, 90, 200 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

A 50, 90 or, 200-mile trip through the Sacramento Mountains and Lincoln National Forest in southern New Mexico at altitudes 6,000-9,500 feet, with climbing ranging from 5,000 ft-20,000 ft depending on the course — including an eight-mile Cat 1 climb, a four-mile Cat 2 climb, and multiple Cat 3 climbs. Last year, the inaugural year, saw only one in 10 riders complete the 200 mile course. Spots are limited, as only 200 riders total will be accepted, and registration opens in early January. This is a race like no other, for riders who are like no others.

#CloudGravel is the “Hidden heaven of gravel in the clouds,” and the “toughest little gravel race in the U.S.” We fight dementia, FTD

Cloud Gravel Invitational

Start Located At: Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico 88340
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