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Sydbank Stjernetour de Grindsted

May 03 2025
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Distances: 62, 100, 125, 180 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

The organizers of Sydbank Stjerne Tour de Grindsted - Grindsted Cykel Motion and main sponsor Sydbank Grindsted - welcome you to Midtjylland now where the shape must be tested, where the races come like pearls on a string and where spring has just colored the whole area.

Start and finish, parking, number handing over, changing clothes, breakfast, handing out prizes and hot food after the race all take place at MAGION, Tinghusgade 15, 7200 Grindsted.

Sydbank Stjernetour de Grindsted

Start Located At: MAGION, Tinghusgade 15, 7200 Grindsted
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