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September 21 2024
Gaines, PA
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Distances: 40, 70 miles
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills

Are you one of those people that are starting to pace, thinking about the onset of winter? Do you often feel bored on your current bike rides and are left wanting for something more? Is your Peleton screen starting to make your eyes glaze over? Fear not dear fellow cyclists, the 1st annual Crooked-Cross Gravel Ride is here! Come on over with the family and enjoy a good challenge before hibernation mode sets in. You have the option of a 40 Mile Taunt or the 70 Mile Dare through parts of the infamous Pennslyvania Grand Canyon.

Here's the nitty gritty: One aid station will be located along each halfway point on the course. Stations will have water, an electrolyte replacer, and simple snacks. The rest is on you during the course so pack light and pack smart. If you've never accepted such a challenge, BUT you're super stoked to proceed, contact us ahead of time and we can give you a rough outline of what you may need. Don't worry, there will be a few sweepers to make sure nobody gets left behind because we know that life happens.

The 40 Mile Taunt is the short course. Mileage is approximately 40-43 miles with an easy 4000 ft elevation. Are you shaking your head right now after that last bit? Not us, we eat our Popeye spinach in the morning and so should you. Buck up, you've got this. This is your introduction to some gnarly muscles and psychological warfare. 

The 70 Mile Dare is the long course. Mileage is approximately 67-70 miles with a boring 5700 ft elevation. This course is not for those that skip "Leg Day". This course is for the early morning risers, the Get'R Done folks, and those that are brave enough to accept anything and stupid enough not to care. We love these kind of people!

48 hours prior to the race cyclists will receive an email with course links. We like to keep the course classified so Captain America isn't able to take a few rides and leave the rest of us hanging in the breeze. 

Ceramic mugs will be given at the finish line along with a high five or thumbs up if you prefer! When you're finished, and maybe glistening with gusto at that point, enjoy a homecooked meal, music, and some brews through our friends at Logyard Brewing in Kane, PA. All riders will receive one free drink ticket, BUT you just completed some nonsensical awesomeness so think about purchasing another in honor of your bravery. We love a good campfire, hello morale booster, and we think you will too. It warms the soul and so will your fancy new mug to display your newfound glory. Families are welcome to celebrate your fine work at the finish line, after all we are hanging out at a family campground. Why not make it a weekend adventure and stay? Primitive and full hookup camping is available at

Stay classy and we'll see you soon!


Start Located At: 112 John Deere Rd, Gaines, PA 16921
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