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Circus Ride

October 06 2024
Braintree VT
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Distances: 20, 40 miles
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills

Welcome to the 3rd annual Circus Ride! 

Set atop picturesque Braintree Hill at the mid-1800's Braintree Meeting House, this event embodies all of what makes Vermont so special. The people, the place, the history, the vibe & the amazing backroads. We have no podiums, no pomp-and-circumstance, no timing...but we guarantee you will leave with a meaningful cycling experience that will stay with you for a lifetime! That my friends, is priceless! 

What is the Circus Ride?

The Circus Ride was named after the old circus that traveled from Randolph to Rochester up and over Randolph Gap and back again in the early 1900's. It was noted that the elephants pulled the wagons up to the ridge and then they switched them to behind the wagons to ease them down the steep mountain roads. Local MTB guru Paul Rea put this loop together back in the mid-90's when he hosted the New England Mountain Bike Festival in Randolph. The famed route was once highlighted in Mountain Bike Magazine as one of North America's top 10 hardest mountain bike rides.....WOW, how the times have changed but so much has stayed the same. 

A little about the route

It's an adventure ride!  Between the smooth gravel sections, lay some rowdy woods road segments. The woods roads will require solid bike handling skills, focus, and strong legs. They are rocky, and muddy with multiple lines to choose from. A minimum tire size of 40mm or bigger is STRONGLY suggested, or a xc mtb would be well suited for this route. We will have one food/aid station mid-way through with tasty snacks and cold drinks. There will be a moto sweep to make sure everyone gets back safe and sound for the afterparty!

* 18.4 miles of rowdy woods roads (class 4)

* 16.4 miles of smooth as butter gravel roads

* 3.2 miles of easy peasy pavement

40 miles with 6,000' vert

Circus Ride

Start Located At: 2756 Braintree Hill Rd, Braintree, VT 05060, USA
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