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UB30 Around Tatras

June 05 2025
Bratislava Slovakia
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Distances: 1000km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb

UB30: AROUND TATRAS is cca 1000 km Unsupported Bikepacking Challenge, where riders have to visit 30 WayPoints determined by the organizer of an event, as fast as possible, along voluntary route. Participants may prepare the route by themselves or will be able to use a recommended route by organizers.

WayPoints of this year´s edition of UB30 Challenge include mainly the natural and cultural attractions of Slovakia and Poland, in the area of ??the High and Low Tatras, the Slovak Paradise, Spiš and eastern Slovakia. Except of their tourist attractiveness, some WayPoints are also chosen so that the optimal route between them follows the roads with a little traffic.

Around Tatras

Start Located At: Jablunkov 901, 739 91 Jablunkov, Czechia
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