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Wolf Man

August 10 2024
Nachod Czeck Republic
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Distances: 555km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

Why is the event called WOLFman and why? 

A wolf has a prominent place in slavic mythology. He is the most persistent mammal in the Czech Republic. He is either a loner, or lives in packs. Wolves are just now returning to Orlické hory, where the event starts and ends. It is a predator, a hunter sneaking through the night, under a pale moon. His symbolism is interwoven with that of a bikepacker. 

What’s WOLFman’s goal?

WOLFman is aimed at people who desire to reconnect with nature and themselves; WOLFman provides the various impulses to do so. We do so by the means of adventure, pushing limits, travel, humility, faith, various publications, lectures, and more. Under our wolf logo, you can read bikepacking fair spirit, which reminds of the right path in our life. To live cycling in a different way, not like the mainstream. We bring this out in other future bikepackers too.

Wolf Man

Start Located At: Nachod, Czeck Republic
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