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Flatlands 300

June 22 - June 23 2024
Drenthe Netherlands
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Distances: 186.4 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

Flatlands 300 is a fixed route, supported, A-to-B, single-stage gravel ultra through the impressive green outdoors of the Netherlands. Starting just after sunrise and finishing just before sunset, you will ride across the deepest forests and the wildest heathlands, following our route that is unofficially certified as #FlatAsAPancake. And though it’s not a race, your adventure will be timed and dotwatched since we all ride with one mission: finish on time to join the Finishers Fest to end the day in festive vibes with friends, drinks, food and a bit of dancing.

Flatlands 300 is a mix of fine crunchy gravel roads and backroads through the hidden gems of the Dutch countryside. The province of Drenthe offers you some of our infamous flint roads and heathlands that you will cross early on during your ride. You will ride across several natural sites that show rich wildlife and impressive panoramas. The forest sections tend to be pretty adventurous with a mix of speedy gravel on hard pack surfaces and double track sectors that bring you deep into the forests.

Flatlands 300

Start Located At: Papenvoort Drenthe 9447 Netherlands
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Jun 22 2024 - EVENT: Flatlands 300