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Rad Race 96 Hours

June 18 2024
Ljubljana Slovenia
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Distances: 347.9 miles
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb

The RAD RACE 96 HOURS is an unsupported bike packing challenge on gravel roads. You are on your own between start and finish of the event. You have to think for yourself and prepare carefully because everything you bring along needs to fit on your bike while you are still able to ride it. Water, nutrition and the right equipment are crucial as well as an honest judgement of your capabilities. Do you got what it takes to beat the time or even the other adventurers? Try to make it to Innsbruck first and earn some spectacular prices by our partners! 

You’re new to ride gravel and there’s no need for competition? Enjoy the 5 stages of the 96 HOURS and ride with the pack.

Rad Race, 96 Hours

Start Located At: Ljubljana, Slovenia
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